political reversal

Political reversal

Some recent political parties are linking up with their past or that part of it which they consider presently palatable. Note the rocky EU stock and trade engineering. No mean trick but the strategies beginning to appear as the froth of a generations misgudance:that is the realisation the corporate demands of political life – trawling across the policies in search of direction and evolved justified and liberated intellect has them looking into the eras of the social reformers.  I’m talking here of the basic endeavours of our forefathers had not greed and that other human deliquent war took us in the direction which has us looking at the European community as a refuge from violence. 

Post industrial realism.  As I often repeat to those foolish enough to engage me in a stand-off Violence is the failure of the intellect and we must question what are differences are – be brave enough to present them. Reversal of the wind.  Be unwound. 

They are in the present not then or the future but in the present God provided time.  There is religion creeping in. Just after All Souls Day. Holy Motors by the way is an astonishing dialect. The visuals are what make it slightly less than the genius it could have become.

He should make more films and the path or the ride will be more even if also rough.

Off to see the sun go down.

Good wishes to all before you.  See it return.

John. Friday. 2 November 2012

I recommend the work of Thomas Hutcheson of thse parts – County Down whose benefit it was not to be looking inwardly via. facebook at his outward compass.

He tended to dwell in the moment of his time with an immutable sonority.

Time was then. Time is now.

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