Haas talks September through to December 2013.

An Incomplete Discovery.

A View

Humility is a virtue whereas humiliation is a corruption of the self.

Identity is often sought through ritual and performance. A theatre not of revolt but of recurrence where the ancestral fellowships are recalled and allegiance swore to a tribe or community where it now exists.

In burial fields is found identity. The loss of family, brethren and the past now behind is captured in this last resting place.
Since the pagan burial sites were revered as sacred, as now the places where lives are remembered lie, is in the present.
They exist before and after us.

We revisit them and return to their sacrifices and pay homage to their vision and adversity. No one strand of this concsciousness is the same but it remains equal across all divisions among people.

They are not who they are without this regard. This is a passing culture of identity caught in a timeframe captured on a tombstone. Why is it so difficult to see distinctions and why refer to a brethrens rituals through hatred?
It is often the case these rituals; the mortal explaining themselves through past generations, are seen as a means to humiliate others by their counter cultural perceptions. When they take violence to be a basis for celebration and victory won by the death of many then this is a disposal of their ancestry that degrades the memory of those gone before. It is far removed too often from the purpose of remembrance, individual sacrifice for whatever end being an absolute waste of the gift of life. To remember them and the unchosen who perish in acts such as the Holocaust.

Often and integrally the marches and celebrations are not done in the name of those no longer here but is served up by those that are. There in lies a responsibility.
A responsibility to those who have died and measured their loss against God’s will and the collective body of life as accumulated and measured where we stand.

How the symbols appear as two dimensional material woven of a different thread and holding none of the transcription written in desperation and mistook fortune.
It cannot replace the past or recover its memory. The words long spoken are wrapped in new forms away from their origin.
The field they uncover has been at the plough end and stones removed or left in forgotten limbo.
Where are the markers except within us, that spirit absent from no-one, given to us by unknown wonder is at the heart of us.

Evangelists seem to have discovered the future and cannot wait to profess their vision even though they come not in the name of the Lord but under a doctrine or credo formed as consensus outside of personal belief and inner humility.

When an institution or community trades it’s collectivism for protectionism offered as a small part of a larger enclave then compromises shape outcomes that become ultimately unmanageable and themselves become commmodities.
The G8 in June in Fermanagh was such a gatherIng of the entreaties of state controls and a small part of it became the Haas intervention under the heading of peace building and addressing conflicting issues. Issues of sovereignty, responsibility and accountability.
The intervention became questingly an exercise in document drafting and shaping word forms with no proximity to the contagion present on the outside.
The persistence in continuing with unfinished incomplete truth for state and wider governance and their selfish interests versus the moral and challenging ethical questions ignores the place State and privilege had brought us to.

State and privilege again sat outside while the so called apparts, their designated leaders, projected a harmony of purpose by meeting and kept the articles of their own interests and concealments within a screened off private conclave.

Evangelicism of all forms removes the fulfillment of reading the Bible and testaments of faith from the individual and makes popular the notion that guilt and sin are made alterable by adherence to the guilt associated with sin that can be set aside and no longer a burden given us by God. The burden exists as we are human and no denial through false idols, false self protean role playing amounts to nothing other than an immense misunderstanding of our relation to the creator.

Those who appear to have the capacity to turn the victims into penitent individuals or groups are themselves concealing a betrayal of humanity and their lack of fulfillment of Gods will.

Certainly we are challenged to repair ourselves and mend our relations with others but to ignore the needs of peoples sorrow so as to deny truth is not the answer. The answer is to see others and ourselves as God made us and when the world cares for the truth it is then, to within, to our thoughts on our feelings and need to express our anger, we need turn to the Bible and to the body of the soul. It is an exceptional armoury, stronger than guns or bombs this armoury keeps returning so apparent it manifests in the goodness of the many. Complacency is not in the Bible an acceptable defence instead speaking out on injustices is a prime element of our life’s and journey.
It is there where each of us is tasked and equipped to deal with others shame and not treat them mockingly as components in a contemptible or condemning way.
Matters of justice are harmful in many directions and less harm can be flayed in ridding us of unconvincing law formulated through so called expediency and to mock others rather than repair.

Attachments of faith through division are a centripetal exposition of worshipful fellowship which instead requires the opposite.
The centrifugal realisation that religion cannot divide as it converges on the same spirit. It has a core and central completeness.

It is apparent here as elsewhere except here it has become the most examined example as written outputs accumulate.
This short piece but another examination.

The circumstances of identity solving; perplexingly identity is woven still in myth and cods wallop history notation, despite the close surgical microscopic operations and chapters of loose political place setting is no way a route to enabling truth to be received and understanding, to become knowledge, taking us to unknown places.

That fear exists but it has in its place strength to have us reach beyond ourselves and have us embrace all cultures equally
as humans possessing life.

John Graham


6 January 2013


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