Collateral Damage. A Year ahead.

January is escaping in a slumber. It is taking its frost and climactic damage off in a winters cloak to return when eleven months have passed. To the mountains they went, to Davos, seeking the mandate and the message all were one in search of a better world.

One dramatically different from the daily bipolar optimism in War zones being only conflict zones on their terms.
Elsewhere mediation troops take their foolscaps of heady intelligence into the arenas of material gold or centuries old difference.
For some the mediation is a confrontation of gun warm enemies.
Are the values mediators use theologically based, of an appeal to the accommodation of the creator in the mind of those they face? No because they enter into pragmatic fudge as they have on the subject of monetary investment. Mediators need a depository.
The theologically based care of the Giving as Living is separate from mediation. A theologian gets into the heart and mind by calling on the persons God to guide them, not to enter into a false pact of friendship through heralded brother or sisterhood, repentant and reconciled with a higher authority. No, religious reformers work as it happens through their values. It will form of itself good.
It has good only in mind. Less regarded not the creator but the religious teacher. The mediator has only the opposite in mind so sees no reform and perpetuates numb hearts through concealing reality. Giving is also truth giving, allowing the truth to live.


A Spanish R package.

Earths riches unkept, undiscovered beneath the blanket bombing of prospector enthusiasm was a matter of business at Davos.
The cloth on the tables laid in different rooms, the war mediation, the economic structures, being remarkable similar; business as war or war as business, with hospitality lightly combining a select easy partaking of soul food and hot or cold beverages.
Renewal of optimism – for a shared peace? Aid? Humanitarian survival?
Renewal of optimism – for current account deficit change? In production?
At Davos the split between East and West deficits, the structural amounts lent across state controlled monetary systems, was not the only element challenging the frozen cyclical weakness of growth. It was also the disharmony created by the technological wealth divide. That revolution which has eroded jobs and expanded wealth while depleting incomes. It speaks of disfunction not order.

For both fragility of structural change has become, again, seriously impeding. After change to conventions never paid attention to.
Neither is in a position of strength as new order shapes. So what need they do? Piecemeal peace? Unnatural alliances?
For both they need agree and formulate the essence of different viewpoints and act. Willingly or constrained the outcome is beyond the present tense. Sharpness decides the stringencies. Getting to the nub of the problem is foremost, the closed beginning point.
Closed in the sense it cannot be loosened for discussion. It is were it is that matters not the past.
Brush the inconveniences of truth off to some dusty courtroom and employ the reason of the mediators to wallow in perceived fact and adulterated truth. The truth is fastened in the guilty hands that employ every mechanism to avoid facing it.
Thankfully, internally they must and there they may encounter a change. Their intention should then be to bring it out and allow others to have their burden lifted.
To mediation progress edging forward is about process and however it arrives it comes redressed as the wisest yet.
Listen – to empathise. Say yes – the question can be asked. Schedule – people like timetables and they thrust a schoolroom dynamic into the proceedings as if the return is an adult lesson on how manipulative you were at school and who was Machiavelli anyway.

If only they taught us about our worst selves, about our ensuing evils and the meaning of the values in such as the Bible then we would be conscious of ourselves and other peoples traits and essence. Maybe the fables were the tools used in the past as examples of ourselves in our wrong state. Our trolls are feeding hate we need overturn by recognition of it. Less fairy tale but recognition.

The Schedule set, then there is now a process, all so school like. Reflection is intrinsic. A narrative is allowed and by way becomes part confession and part enabling a gloss to set a table of future actions providing everyone accepts what you are telling is true. A division emerges. Only partial truth seems to resonate here and no evidence or solidity of fact and cross examining is needed to collectively dispose of unwanted hinderance.

After all this is not about the event, this is about exploiting the future. So reflection is random and full of mines that cannot be set foot on. Some sit clothed thinly in a gauze of worn winter coat they have been carrying for a loved one. It’s cuffs are hard and soft with worn caressing for the cloth represents the human being they carry on with them. Left at home the coat will warm in the under stair and the relentless walking into rooms of perpetrators foils and newly accorded truth seekers wain and smell of department store suits and flesh washed in odorless apple freshened water. Tangs of peppermint stray.
Maintaining a contact be it eye or through simulated gesture or word talk. Trust engendering a falsehood of rapport. Empty the pockets of grief and sorrow, soften attitudes and the business begins.

Commonality of purpose is what they require and assuredly it has to be yours that shows a way forward.
Have you accepted the process? Why not? It is yours is it not? Davos is a room in a mountain hilltop with technicalities to work on.
1. The Common Community Concerns on where investment will come from within business.
2. The very high levels of unemployment across capitalized nations.
3. Levels of returns for work, product and pay. Technology growth and realisation.
4. Inequality within states as well as outside between nations.

Whereas the mediators are in the business of framing a future, the fragility of their guidance however flawed is more greatly encumbered by the reality, they know as much as the rest about the future or the settlement of the future goals.
The kingdom or thiefdoms are themselves disintegrating (including the conservatism of almost all religions and a gap of perception the Church chooses not to address) and a quasi politic nue is evolving almost amorphously on streets everywhere a regime becomes too insular and dictatorial.

We have long lived here in the North of Ireland under such tyrannies but in order to resolve those falsehoods we are given as representative agendas such as the ‘Haas talks’ outside the universe of Governments but of either a chief interest, we need to find out who and what the agenda was, no is, it’s origins and originators.
Myths of economies and of races, beliefs and the people themselves will otherwise fashion continued illusion.

As Scotland considers its form, will it produce a Constitution? Will it begin as a start up and disdain monopoly and largesse?
As the Scotland seen from outside, has only small grievances with anyone except its property owners its mediation skills need only be pressed in the art of land recovery. Then it can incorporate its coastlines, offshore resources into the North Sea and the Iceland gap.
Foreboding times are ahead and hopefully independence will arrive. Because the invention of identity is done in detachment the work may invent a model of responsible determination. Part of the foreboding is nature itself, the place as environment within a world of altering life. An optimistic position is its old take on its business sense can go onward also.

John Graham

28 January 2014


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