Clerical Sexual Abuse : The United Nation Report.

The State Apparatus
Importantly the United Nation has reported on the systematic concealment of Roman Catholic Church historical abuses and the approach of previous Vatican postulation which gave the Bishops the burden of catching and reporting criminal behaviours.
Having the regard to ignore the leadership required to do it themselves and collect evidence which was generally made apparent in the majority of cases largely, the thinking of the highest authority is again using present circumstances to define the past.
Protocols and standards are called as a defence of traditional moralities. Without risk of contradiction the Church call upon these extensively belated measures as a surety of proprietary. This is without the primary obligation to disclose the files and liberate the truth. It has also left in place the proposition that there continues to be abuse.
An inadequate assurance given the past and not universally, Catholic.
It is wholly unnatural as defense of the immorality allowed to disease the religious order. It does not relate to the past. It betrayed the faithful and duty of care of those in their obligation for education and welfare continuously and in the face of accusation came denial from the highest levels.

Very Much in God’s hands. We all are. In public life we are a reflection of our public acquired status. So recorded is information on thinking behind a shallowness of virtue and practice of Christianity. Alongside the goodness is the badness. The Church decisively admonished the publicly exposed while guilty of concealing the perpetrators of vile behaviour as a strategy to retain position. An awful legacy is on it. The mendacities are clear yet God challenges us how to face these truths in public scrutiny while exposing weakness in those who cannot face the ugliness of what is before them remaining enclosed and unwilling to speak honestly to their neighbours.

The past is unclear in Ireland still on these matters and more so elsewhere and still our own knowledge of the brutalities of the religious criminals is partial. Much is unknown and the investigations are barely started.
The present Head of the Holy See is showing signs of engagement with the issues though the official line from the Vatican in response to the report has been one of ejection of its findings in the main. The status being it is acting on known child abuse cases. The Catholic voice spokesperson has said the cases in Ireland were not reported to the Vatican by the Bishops with whom responsibility lay. Really?

The Attorney General Northern Ireland
The selectivity of the Attorney General on commenting on the past and of the creation of amnesty for the Terrorist and State entities who besieged the nation and acted gruesomely further afield in the past thirty years and longer is such that the appalling acts and their Political dimension is enough to have him call on the world to accept partial Amnesty and partial justice.

He is intent on allowing a world whose part comes with jostling crude selected remedy into our history which ultimately will fail resolution between the state perpetrators and the impenitent land annuniciators.
The actors want it buried and mythologised.

AG and predecessors Discriminatory Silences
When it comes to the localism of the larger and greater child abuse grown in the Church under the global religion that the Vatican claims control over, the State is indecent in its discriminatory silence.
The silence has fallen over those many years and longer, fifty, sixty, seventy years or more of those atrocious acts and the Attorney General and predecessors deferred their free expression if any to narrow rooms and the enclosure of walls.

No written air of astute observance can be seen to enter as a companion piece to the observances made on the ‘troubles’.
No, the Attorney General and his fellow travellers have had little or nothing to say about prosecuting the perpetrators of child sexual abuse and bad treatment of minors and the vulnerable by institutions.
Quasi Inquiries have been slowly engaged upon with deference to the actors of the troubles and with contagion from external hegemonies.
Neither is there a prosecuting element within the procedure in which case the follow up investigations which are required in the face of new accounts will lag as is the intention and design of the measures presently undertaken.

The virtual denial of this truth has no doubt ruled out considerations of amnesty, of compromise, of politics, of reparation through simple legal slight of hand as it is outside the guard placed on this contagion by God.
The Attorney General would find difficulty in verbalising reproach of a kind dispensed at will elsewhere.
If only the purchase of the vanity in this Attorney Generals pronouncement of his simplistic remedies were not so dire and wrongheaded on the ‘troubles’ past, it would not make the lack of will to protect the children within this land – and by previous acknowledgement may have saved the fall from Gods grace of those in charge of so many betrayed children – so clearly contrary to goodness and hideous by absence.

The timing in the North of Ireland of a meagre inquiry recently undertaken is a convenience in not speaking but it has been preceded by a vacuum of approbated silence.

These two arenas of prosecuting the past are clearly of relative import so why are they, have they, been treated so radically differently?
The Attorney General could enlighten us except that intervention would be misplaced and as array as the first on prosecuting the past.

It is more probable that these comparative conditions are also a contagion of the misrule endured for so long.

John Graham

6 February 2014


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