Amnesty Scheme? What Amnesty Scheme?

A View. Our plague of a Government.

The Attorney General – the co-opted GB and NI versions- have behaved as conspirators in around 180 separate cases. The authors had to be either the In situ Attorney general Dominic Grieve or the Northern Ireland underling whose form of words are necessary in such contrivances.
The wanted or worried became on the runs in case they were dragged in by the authorities pursuing certain cases and it is simply not feasible the concerns were baseless. In many separate cases that the dirty instrument the Governing bodies invented and deployed as a tool for their respective communities, the elected, required these to assuage their power base.
The actions of the participants in this deal are despicable and without morality or ethical basis having put in place avoiding justice as the required outcome and being safe from inquiry or any threat of appearing in court any day soon as the fixed outcome engineered by the parties to the contrivance. It is a deal carried out in camera.
It is with the legal authority found by the Old Bailey Court.
Whatever ‘On the run’ persons Sinn Fein put forward there was a global amnesty it appears. Whoever they put up were apparently allowed freedom from justice should it arrive at their door. How many were actually turned away, very few it seems. The Amnesty is the in place as the letters are intact and the ruling gives precedent that evidence has been found or brought to Court and cannot be considered because of the very existence of the letter.
The letter of the Law but the invalidation is not a technicality but relates to pursuance of a case. Had it been a technicality then it would have been described as such. More importantly lay it was considered by the party in receipt of the letter as giving that assurance.
As for it being made evident what process was in place the Policing Board were not informed by the PSNI and a Unionist member now recalls the matter being raised and he, Trevor Ringland, now embroiders it with presumption of knowledge regarding the specific content. A radio interview has him suggest it was on the table while he forgets he knew nothing of the sordid back room dealings. He thus appears as sharp as the rugby balls he more capably handled and not for the first time being a Tory apologist.
More importantly the people were unaware and these ‘representatives’ on the Policing Board were given a wide scoping set of possibilities WITHOUT detail. Of course as is now apparent the devil is in the detail.
No more was said about it in similar questioning at later stages nor was the truth of the matter indicated in transparent proces.
The deal makers we learn operate in all parties inGovernment with the coalition continuing this despicable trade.and we learn the Royal prerogative, an invidious and up democratic device exercised by an unelected monarch has been availed of.

To not have whichever cases may exist under their spreadsheet of deformed judicial process not face the justice they deserve, where there to be any case advanced, is in itself criminal and fraudulent.
In a ‘quasi judicial process’ pre Haas and pre Cameron there is again an indication the dirty deals of politicians of each hue, each state, set themselves above the normal judicial process and engage in sordid negotiations with terrorists and their own agents.
Those that do the negotiations are themselves corrupt.

Before and since the atrocious interventions of Prime Ministers Wilson and Callaghan Governments have set agendas for the public will and benefit which abandon ethics and morality of any kind.
The warmonger Blair and the quasi reformer Hain in recent history, have it appears in this latest discovery compromised justice and the the very Courts who administer, in their own adherence to dependence on the state, a compact.
The judiciary is wholly compromised in the corrupt secret dealings and are jeopardised by their leading law brokers Attorney Generals of each jurisdiction, who have made by their own compact over and above the strength of justice they are tasked with overseeing, expose the weakness of their morality in both judiciary and the Government hose laws they operate under. The Law is itself In a complete severance from any moral authority or ethic.
It is a compact in which the Attorney General for England and Wales in collusion with the Government and state collaborators have, for their own historical legacy sought to manipulate legal expression denying the hurt and harm caused, in some cases irreparably to the victims of atrocities carried out in the pursuit of freedom and democracy in the perception of the terrorists and those forces unable to command any value for life.
Troops and terrorists both wrapped up in the expectation of nationhood.
From what era? Roman times, Inquisition, reformation, age of Enlightenment? The state has at its head an unelected sovereignty given to time sensitive ana mirabilis and ana horrabilis. The fort is occupied and every generation supposes linkage to a Kingdom which disunited all.

The Queen of England ERII has long wished to visit Ireland given her interest, firstly in peace but also as a demonstration of the power of sovereignty as a propaganda tool. There was also the un hidden desire to visit some of the worlds finest bloodstock farms which we know was achieved privately and without ceremony as is the proper use of hospitality and shared interest.

The fact is since the early stages of the unravelling of what Sinn Fein declared as most important, the freedom of on the runs, what Sinn Fein could offer was what? A cessation from violence on the part of the IRA?
That had been dealt with also in exonerating deals for the deal makers or known collectively as the Good Friday agreement. Redress for victims and justice for the harmed and deceased? well no.
How about we give an assurance that the bad boys won’t come out and attack the queen should she decide to come to Ireland? A thought.
So sordid a deal was this it exemplifies the manner of priorities each Prime Minister haas in relation to the sovereign and by that the false premise of Nation of which they conspire to perpetuate as if it somehow behaves as a thread. It does not as reflection on the formation of the UK, Ireland was the last to join and tried to be the first to leave. Everywhere across the planet nation constructs are under scrutiny and challenge as the economic systems they depend on come increasing into crisis ridden conflicts.

The troublemakers creating ‘our’ troubles have not gone away and have been set on each side in unfolding all manner of amnesty and continued with their sectarian ways and as cover up for their own mistakes and violations of humanity in Gods name.
Do not for a second be mistaken that the peace is intact. It is in place in a country in which continuing generations follow on with the myths presented to them by redesigned and reconfigured acquiescence in the form of a shared hypocrisy as opposed to a shared democracy. The tyranny has been reestablished and venerated on nationalistic grounds rather than discover of goodwill and equality. The GB and Southern Ireland Governments, along with the compromised external deal makers such as Haas labour the point of Business as usual to prop up failed economic systems. Failed for some, the 99%.

So evolved and disintegrated anti-royalist leanings such as ‘Enlightened Absolutism’ which authored a form of gerrymandered liberalism for the elite intellectual hierarchy of that period. No change with liberalism today it seems. They mock true Socialism and feed scraps to dissenters.
Whigs and Tories in the Emperors new clothes.

They are despicable human beings and as a result sectarianism is still alive and functioning in the divisive construct they have left.

No approximation of truth will be available until the State allows all documents to be openly examined by the people on whose authority they declared themselves to act.

Far from acting in the Public interest they continue to separate and divide through the misuse of power.

Since Daniel O’Connell began lobbying state and religion – did he die on the road to Rome in search of more backing for his legendary status. Certainly an obtuse and unreal narrative exists in his historical context but nevertheless the same extremist values; even handing the liberty of religion to the Irish people in the form of another imperialism, the Roman Catholic Church was an for of divisiveness and dis union.

There is only one God.

Religions cannot divide as they converge on the same spirit.

The shame of ex-politicians and those present day protectors and conspirators with those who believe and believed killing people is an answer to their crude idea of politics and their perception of their own destiny is truly against the teaching of Jesus.

The perpetrators are accountable in all senses.

How can these deals become the Governance of our life’s and how can evidence be ignored and under trial due process be put to court and the appalling basically immunity sentence of 3 years for murder be unkept.
We did not agree to this as part of the Good Friday Aggrement.

John Graham

26 February 2014


Northern Ireland

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