Reflections at the foot of the Cross

imageReflections at the foot of the cross

Into the space God makes we enter
Solemn interegations to make
At the foot of the cross
We vow to share the wisdom
Release the hidden joy in agony
“My God, My God, Why
Hast thou forsaken me”

We too ask, so learn to reject
worldly things and in us have
God reside to live our lives
Praying for humanity to be
Shed of sin ourselves together
One in The Lord, Nowhere
Is more aloud than here
At the foot of the cross
The silence speaks onto us.

John Graham
Easter 2013

Religion cannot divide as it converges on the same spirit.

On Good Friday time is taken by millions throughout the world to reflect on Jesus and his crucifixion.

From Palm Sunday through to the Resurrection on Easter Sunday, after the first Moon after the vernal equinox it is a time into which many face the sacrifice Jesus made for us and thank God for this faith and ask for his forgiveness of our sins that he promised through the sacrifice of Jesus.

The resurrection is the event that follows and we await deliverance of mankind in the return of Jesus to cleanse the world of all evil and restore us to the purity of God. We cannot conceive of how this is to be achieved but by putting in place the message of Jesus it is only the beginning of us seeking our redemption. To be Born again is for some the essence of that discovery, an encounter with God and Gods message. That is interpretation which is only part of the story. At what point you allow God to enter your life is of your choice alone and an acceptance of the words of Jesus into your life. It cannot precede that point in life which you are delivered or Born Again. You cannot live in an exultation in whatever sense you perceive it. To be born again before we have passed is a separateness here on earth which provides false beliefs and is born of the self not God. God makes us so we are not separate but divided. The division is between those that will or will not accept the guidance of God in the prophet Jesus. The acceptance of spiritual guidance is not alone with Jesus, it is created by God whose deliverance of us is our journey in life. When it is Gods will he will again send his prophet and only son Jesus to return us to his Kingdom. When we are returned to him we shall be Born Again. Our atonement for our sins must be to accept the Lords forgiveness.

I believe that it is essential you open your heart and mind to Jesus, to the ways of Jesus and whatever capacity you have, you will be guided through this life by Jesus.

When you pass on you will be reborn. To anticipate or acclaim you are fully reborn is pre-empting this rebirth as it is a bridge yet to cross. God intends for us to live to our fullest in order we are reborn. We read and learn and practice his intent. No one is turned away from the Kingdom of Heaven.
God turns away the sin and during our lives provides the strength for us to not be sinful. So to have faith is to have it in degrees and with the words of Jesus we can seek out the fulfillment of Gods wishes for us, no matter how short or long our existence here on Earth is. The testament is yours and yours to make. Like Matthew the tax collector turned disciple the disciple went out and found others who were sinful and showed them a simpler truer way.
The day of judgement is Gods alone and it is for your sins you have to account. We can be punished on earth by our peers for our sins in our world and be denied privileges of freedom and other things. Only God can take your sin away so you are left to deal with any sin on Earth with the tools and guidance God provides for you.

Since lent is followed; as the forty days of fasting and penitance beginning with Ash Wednesday, by the actual event of Good Friday, it is the pivotal point after the birth of Jesus for our discovery of God.
The Bible is the scripture written by those who came after and in in the very words of Jesus within the Bible are the firmest expression of what God has created. We are continuing on a path set for us as mankind and for all living things. In our lives is discovery.
First we should hold our faith lightly, no setting up false boundaries among deities through creeds and doctrines but observe others faith or lack of it and help them carry the one spirit they possess, the spirit of God forward for their future good and for the future good of all in the Kingdom.
Secondly we should hold love strongly in our hearts and minds and love strongly all in the Kingdom. We face such profoundly affecting choices in our short time here that we need and we have the guidance provided by God to recognise, this life, as other peoples lives, are gifts from God.
No more is asked of us than we hold this faith in our own spirit lightly
and love our neighbours as ourselves so all may flourish.

John Graham

Easter 2014


Peace be upon you

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