Freedom for Palestine


Also called Holy Land. Biblical name Canaan. an ancient country in SW Asia, on the E coast of the Mediterranean.
A former British mandate (1923–48) comprising part of this country, divided between Israel, Jordan, and Egypt in 1948: the Jordanian and Egyptian parts were occupied by Israel in 1967.

A native or inhabitant of Palestine.
Also called Palestinian Arab. an Arab formerly living in Palestine who advocates the establishment of an Arab homeland there.
Today in Belfast another gathering marched in Solidarity with the Palestinian people to the American Consulate. In the leafy Stranmillis area near our river Lagan. People of all backgrounds except religious extremists, bigots and right wing supporters of the Israel occupation of the land between the River Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea joined the march of

The West and Israel particularly the rich ruling class elite now fear the threat a mass movement in support of Palestine and a revolt Hamas nor Fatah can control. Such a movement would inspire the oppressed and poor working class, the youth across the Arab world throughout the Middle East.
The. Israel regime like many states in the Middle East hang on to power through harsh repression and lack of rights.

Protest against the proxy war waged against Muslims and in particular the support for the Israeli war machine which has up to the record in today’s newspapers caused the following deaths since they began their warfare in response to attacks by groups not under democratic control in Gaza.

Infanticide and Genocide by Israel
800 + Palestinian dead. Mainly civilians and 120 + Children.
33 Israeli Soldiers have been killed in 18 days mainly in Palestine

Around 150,000 of the Palestinians seeking refuge from bombing in Gaza have been placed in territory itself under bombing and attack.
Including 15 people killed awaiting transport from a school by UN.
Destroying a Region and a Community of 1.7 million
Half of Gaza City is like an Tsunami hit it. A Palestinian living in Belfast is in regular contact with his family and passed on the widely held view by independent observers that the Ceasefire in action for 12 hours is worthless. Operations continue and the plight of recovering bodies from the destroyed half of Gaza is extremely harrowing as well as dangerous.

The Israel war on Palestine comes as they try to effect their own rule on this part of the contested Middle East.
The right wing Islamist leaders of Hamas and their allies of the secular Fatah are all pro-capitalist who will NOT advance the Palestine cause so giving Israel an excuse to slaughter innocent people in the pursuit of the uncontrolled.

The Israel Government is supported by Great Britain, United States of America who abstained in the vote calling for a long cessation of the violence. While USA provides Humanitarian aid it hypocritically in the shape of Obama ignores the right wing USA citizens bankrolling and proliferating the ghastly Fascist power of The Israel regime. Within Israel there are many, many against this form of action, of the very land occupation on which Israel treats the rest of the worlds judgements with contempt.
Lebanese reaction
In the Lebanon there is no concerted support for Palestine despite the Muslim majority. They closed down their TV broadcasters (8) for one day in solidarity with Palestine and broadcast as one a debate and wide discussion.
It was as ineffective as an Arab League meeting. Full of wild promises and no outcomes. Palestinian refugees in Lebanon live without rights of living conditions and welfare.
Millennial Communities and Settlements in Concert
Since the Syrian war caused such upheaval in Lebanon which still has three years later not equipped its people with democracy able to confide in its own moral tide. They are aware that Palestine is undergoing the eradication of millennia of historical communities. They are aware of the same situation in Iraq where the extremists have thrown the Middle East back into Damdani Taksai and the factioning into the charismatic.
The faiths Sikh and Hindu are not as one and the latter has every right and belief to practice what is known as blind faith. The practice of religious faith is for each individual to be guided through God not through man.
He or she must respond to their inner God given strength
Similarly the driving out of Christians from Iraq and other parts of the Middle East defies their own basic Religious beliefs and defies God in being tolerant and to love all humanity.
Sectarianism as normality
The Lebanese are in a mire of media whose one day joint solidarity retreats, and that is what it is back to factions of sectarian hatred and debased rhetoric of fellow human beings. This more is very similar to our own dog days here in Northern Ireland. The living standards of Lebanon vary greatly with a population of immigrants from Sri Lanka and Syria oppressed by many citizens of Lebanon exploiting their lack of access to the same priveliges and rights of education and equality through displacement.
Following the war in Syria Lebanon has lost its ancient ways.
If it does not retrieve its sense of self identiy for better or for worse it stands to be implicated in continued Middle Eastern malfunction.
Not Anti-Semitic
Today the people who came out to support the Palestinian cause for its re-established state of it people for its deserved and purposeful future were of all religions. Quite possibly there were a few of the few Jewish here in Belfast there.
Condemn Religious Hatred.
The first speaker spoke for all of us in fulsomely condemning the attack on two nights of the Belfast Synagogue. The movement of people for Palestine is not a movement of anti-semitism. All faiths have their faiths and their belief systems and we surely and clearly exist under one God. That God is divided equally among the 6 billion and rising people of this earth. those to follow will know the ultimate outcome of war is death and destruction and that we need continue in every way we can to eliminate violence of all kinds.
Not in our Name
From wrongful imprisonment to destructive corrective and detention systems to the segregation of races as a means to rule and divide we need to continue the struggle against these sins of humanity in Gods name.
Not in our name called Americans attending today.
Reporting Losses
The losses in Palestine are added to with around 3,700 being injured.
At one point the figures concerning the Palestinian death toll reported that of 492 dead there were 406 of whom were civilians. There were in this number 129 Children and 69 Women.
Reporting Without Truth Analysis.
The BBC have in Northern Ireland in particular portrayed this conflict in a manner which belies the truth of the overwhelming brutality of Israel in its quest to eradicate the Palestine they do not occupy from the Palestine they do occupy and have aborted the very wishes of God in the place of Jesus’s birth and crucifixion. They have obliterated any connection with God in seeking the annual action of the people neighbouring land that fled original from theirs own annexed lands.

How could the USA act so immorally in supporting Israel?
Bring on an Intifada throughout the world
There will come an intifada of the Palestinian people who will receive the support akin to the support for Nelson Mandela in the struggle for freedoms in South Africa which continue to be stymied by the people whose selfish needs come first. The people are stricken with politicians of hypocrisy unfit to follow in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela.
The people of Palestine deserve our support.
Sanctions against Israel should be employed by every citizen of the world.

Boycott Israel Goods.

Protest to the BBC.

Protest to the USA.

Support the Palestinian cause.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world
Mahatma Ghandi

Do anything you can to bring peace.

Do anything you can to bring this occupation to an end.

Read the top banner line under which this blog was first established.

Be at One with the One God.

John Graham

26 July 2014

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