AllIance The Backward Hypocrites

Forward Thinking – Clueless and Backward.
To go North Go South. To go South Go North. Or stick.
They are the Sectarian Glue.

Everyone of them a representative of nothingness. Filling a void they construct as the division.
They put it there instead of allowing the extremities of either side expose their own plain lack of values or ethics.
The outcome real political strength parliamentarianism and democracy.
Here the Alliance suggest the Ethics, the Moralities.
Consider their position on these issues if you need convincing they are the sectarian glue not the Alternative.
They never were.
Jo Grimond? Shetlands urbanite. Thorpe. Steel, Ashdown, Clegg.
Advancement impossible, Allies of none.
The Non Alliance – the Dividers. Counter intuitives.
Celebrated politicians foe change such as Roy Jenkins were at the fore front of advancement for
many human rights now taken for granted as were the charitable founding fathers of the Health Service.

They were Socialists.

The Liberal Party advanced little in the Modern Age and have been a failure up to and including the latest
morphic transformation in coalition.
Liberal is not Neo – politics it’s zero politics.
Their arrogance is outstanding. Ethics and Morality on the other hand are to be found in Parties with
People and the Environment in mind.
PBP and the Green Party.

Take a look at these issues.

David Ford.
Issues ignored and advanced – you determine which.
Equality and Human Rights – it’s Northern Ireland
We Alliance do not do the above.
Abortion Rights – 1967. I am no Roy Jenkins.
Civil Marriages. I as Minister will decide for you.
Resettlement of Paedophiles I as Minister decide, one location.
Third Party Prison Services on the cheap, sell out.
ROI stop, I as Minister carry on regardless.
They improve you fail.
Pander to greed. Fail the failed.
Destroy progress. Money fest for private service.
and remove the possibilities of reform of prisoners.
Provide Kincora No. Provide Church investigations?
Peace versus disclosure. One but not the other?
Whose country? GB or ROI or yours? None decide.
Two communities. Twice the U-turns. Sick.
Provide a Police Force? Provide Investigation?
M16 lawlessness. NIO means no. Cover up.
Business cartels and Public Service corruption ignore.
Taxes – what Taxes. Rates – What rates. Vat – Spend.
Speeches frequent, accomplishments infrequent.
Out of Office plus change?
Niaomi Long.
Own doorstep Kincora – twice around the Villiers
bush twice around the maypole? Local Politicians ignored.
Done what? You tell me?
East Belfast in the worst of worst limbo.
Pass the sick bag. Last heard re-electioneering.
Living off others accomplishments with Public Sector.
Stephen Farry.
Education on reduced resources. 3rd level take’s most.
70% of budget? so let’s reduce it further set up third party
Universities even get them designed externally.
No students Unions, no housing provision, no jobs.
Zero hours are OK so are student fees big them up.
Technology pays, provide the Corporates with Brain food.
Tear up curriculum on Teaching. Empty of vision?
That will be your Minister. No ideas is the Farry way.
Living Wage what’s that. Let’s subsidise the middle.
Ignore the workers. ‘Stem’ it for the corporates.
Here’s the keys to the Schools, Colleges and Universities.
Anna Lo.
Feng Shui the furniture. Forget the poles.
Protect and survive. Ignore the Sectarian it provides power.
Perpetuate division through development as you wish.
Segregation is our aim, races, tribes, colours, religions.
Rich, poor, unemployed, students we do them all.
Demean and survive. Hypocrisy duplicity a gift we pass on.
Frequent flyer. What achievements and for who?
Wing it, don’t bring it.
Paula Bradshaw Last time the UUP were wonderful out of Weavers Court.
Social Engineering special skills. Teaching provided.
Use unlawful means for Community Survey.
Hypocrisy, duplicity a gift we pass on.
Sham Public Planning Inqiures a speciality.
Divide and disintegrate. Do sectarianism a favour.
Demolish and destroy. Provide reduced housing.
One size fits all. Waste, materials, embodied energy.
Bring Bingo, Booze, Bookies, Bunting.
Community Garden? Military, Criminal whatever you want.
Sure Start not mine but we’ll close it anyway. Women?
Want the eighties? We’ve got it, we do it.
Feminism get stuffed. Try life insurance.
Dentists, Doctors Schools we’ll break them up.
Less Schools means more travel, get a Car.
Job provision. Zero. I’ve cost more than most.
New ideas. None. Unbelievable. Duplicity a speciality.

I could go on but these are the apparent key personalities and each of you will be familiar with their contributions as rinsed by the Press and the Agencies looking to destroy the extremes they created and to a large extent owe their own survival. Not much is new but the truth is they fashion nothing for society.
My class. No class. Try a fruit salad. Pineapple.

John Graham

14 April 2014



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