A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night : A Film Review

Director. Ana Lily Amirpour. USA. 2014. 1hr 41mins. Subtitled.
Starring. Sheila Vand, Arash Marandi, Dominic Rains, Marshall Manesh.image
Monochrome Undeparture
This film is set in anyplace Iran. Filmed in America with one very prominent American/Iranian actress devouring the screen in front of us.
It is daytime and nothing Beckett like is happening. So to night then.
In the live’s anyway there appear to be voids. The possessions they are few and ‘others’ have lives which the ‘Humans’ eschew.
The landscape is allegedly hipster, with vapid, jejune vapors hanging clandestinely, as low, soon to be had morsels.
To be in sych with this film you need adopt the genre, as I have in the past suggested with horror you need to go that degree further to reference, to spot the similarities, often so replicate to be a comedy trash in moment.
Here is the teenage hyperbole. The Stephanie Meyer territory of Bree Tanner for a nano second then the ‘city’ ‘reality’ suspension.
The film is not as bereft as the ‘Twilight’ language which ‘allows’ such ‘pathos’ as ‘her time as an immortal is running out‘ well that’s a shocking dilemma then ain’t it. How does that work? Fact. It is a novel idea without an idea to close or open with.
Do not walk alone at night.
This is the films only lesson.
A definition
1734, from Fr. vampire or Ger. Vampir (1732, in an account of Hungarian vampires), from Hung. vampir, from O.C.S. opiri (cf. Serb. vampir, Bulg. vapir, Ukrainian uper), said by Slavic linguist Franc Mikloič to be ult. from Kazan Tatar ubyr “witch.”
Viz a Viz Vamps what are they?
An Eastern European creature popularized in Eng. by late 19c. gothic novels, however there are scattered Eng. accounts of night-walking, blood-gorged, plague-spreading undead corpses from as far back as 1196. Applied 1774 by Fr. biologist Buffon to a species of South American blood-sucking bat.
Widescreen backdrop
Welcome to the black and white, night and day homespun tale of horrific blood letting on widescreen given lore and mythical visual context this time in a loosely Iran tale filmed in Wilderness America.
Since you were inclined to sink your teeth into a sibling or friends rubber duck or Simpsons bath toy you will be familiar with the satisfaction it gives or rather tension it releases ipso facto in sheer derring do. Blissimo.
Quantum Leap
In today’s world we are not confined to arresting our imaginations as the sciences have produced extraordinary unforeseen depths and seemingly parallel theories for our existence. None of which (witch?!) are remotely or currently viable. Let’s take another meaning. You can hide nothing from the quidnunc of Hanbridge. Moreover, when a quidnunc in the streets of Hanbridge sees somebody famous or striking, or notorious, he does not pretend that he has seen nobody.
Arnold Bennett , Denry the Audacious , 1911.
So what am I leading towards.
The film you are about to see or consider seeing is about no-one being erudite or elucidating about their own life’s. It is the fluid space of the inner mind writ large or on scraps of portraiture lovingly conceived in the cinematic tour de force of the pleasuring Ana Lily Amirpours directorship.
It is a series of arabesques around the notion of living in a bigger space on a narrower confine set out by the human of oneself. The motive of fast human motion is often a feature of Vampirish behaviour. The swift attack from a ‘standing’ start. Incisive. So with the dance motif. The still followed by the resolution with stretched arm and one legged balance. Ballet and the art of the mid point transition are complementary.
One set out in alone terms. That is how I took on the central verb.
And where is Margaret Atwood when you need literal meaning but way down the long list of thank you’s in the final credits her name appears.
That after the credits for music which features highly as a success of the film. The Kiosk sounding like The Killers only less climaxing. Radio Tehran another Iran band do extras. Turns aplenty at the hot and heavy moments.
It makes Rigsy and Baille sound Smashie and Nicey.
The addition of powers needed accrues as of the qui cosmic regions of outlandish behaviours visited in nocturnal delights.
This is the vision of the characters jejune attempts at becoming a true Vampire. She continually tests, including a young boy who she teases to a painful extent as she does with her empathy vibe interlaced in her sexual awakened moments.
So the extreme b/w Sheila Vand features accentuated such as her high cheekbones, lurid dark eyes, thin cropped figure a la belle along with a tendency to – and this creates a horizontal well earth dwelling of the widescreen formatting, wear a sailor sweater or tee shirt.
Louise Brooks along with Cornelia Parker rather than Lily Tomlinson, or Isabella Blow came to mind as her hair created a second bewitching cape.
The rueful look is enough to drop dislike or any failure of empathy with this waif like creature. She is portrayed, and somehow the trick is achieved directorial and through the expressive face of firstly put down upon belief of the erstwhile heroine. A caped cruiser. She follows our characters each as we meet them, parapsychological mania about to be perfected as we watch their fate unfold.
Up parapsychological avenue.
Firstly is a villain who is the drip feed for the helpless pairing of Arash and his father Hossein (Marshall Manesh) who has become under the tutelage of the villain (Dominic Rains) addicted to injected Heroin. The chrome becomes a commodity along with Rains stable of prostitutes, of which one features heavily as the story of a kind moves on.

From the daylight opening frames with a score unleashed as a rock lead (note to self – insert Tindersticks not the moronic) like burnt piano quantic variations, seeing we are on the Q’s. the widescreen takes delivery of the scenic outdoors of non-lived in vacant city areas.
Allegory for a dehabitated world.
This allegedly is Bad City from the ascribed reactions and internal juices of the film itself. Makeover city it is not. The endless power station, trucks of stationary for miles in the background while the male of Arash (Arash Marandi), a man going on a boy of about twenty who white vest and jeans leaves enough exposed neck to put himself in the endangered category if the élan of the Tehran/Mississippi district is to be inculcated by the homage to such delights as Sin City and the acclaimed niche TV bites across the networks as of the twinkling ‘Twilight’ yesteryears of the 2010’s as demons were found wanting out of the First decade.

Conclusion ###3
This is a non story with even a part played by an small slick sports 1950’s automobile. It is the chrome centre piece. It is a slick survivor.
Some virtues of the narrowness of this tale are in the leads acting and the comedic value of the intensity and predatory nature of the family circle created in the confines of this ponderous wafer thin story.
The father son relationship is beautifully wrought with emotion and is even closely resembling any other directors search to portray the bond of love which is crossed triggered and impenetrable as to enable the foot pedals of the defibrillator to resuscitate any shared oxygen of a life together.
The scenes around this alone (don’t walk alone at night – don’t forget) is heart-wrenchingly good but not entirely enough to make a very good film out of as might have arisen. It may have weaknesses but it has sufficient pace improbability, and peril of the kind to be expected that I anticipate if you are into horror or the genre in anyway you will come away satiated.
If you’ve got to walk alone at night carry a wooden stake a cross or a bible or whatever alarming device it is legal to deter strangers with but whatever happens proceed with cautionary nocturnal awareness.

John Graham

28 May 2015


Opens at QFT as a New release though it appeared during the latest Belfast Film Festival on Friday 29 May through to including Thursday 4 June 2015.


The New Girlfriend : A Film Review

The New Girlfriend
Directed and written by Francois Ozon, based on the Ruth Rendell short story, The New Girlfriend. Cert. 15. 1hr 45min.
Romain Duris, Anais Demoustier, Raphael Personnaz, Isild Le Besco, Aurore Clement, Jean-Claude Bolle Reddat, Bruno Perard, Claudine Chatel, Anita Gillier, Alex Fondja, Zita Hanrot
Along with Lucie the baby.
Nue Plus
The acting skills of Romain Duris as David and Anais Demoustier as Claire play deliciously on relationships in this bizarre interweaving nuanced adaption of a Ruth Rendell story.
It is a rendition sparkling with conundrums with a scenario well crafted in a script by director Francois Ozon who ran this out at Toronto Film Festival having filmed it largely in the ostrich of a place I think of as Canada.

It is an Ostrich given its unmissable brazen hussyness trying hard not to be a part of the world of politics but throwing up many creative folk who themselves struggle and have issues with having their talent on display.
There is a secret which unfolds and I do not give it away here. Suffice to say it carries forward the whole tale as it unfolds from early doors. No it’s not about doors. Inferences, shiny houses, outer space etc. They are not to be found here in narrative rebelling or in implied allegory. The story even is as I say indifferently Canadian for some
Not the greatest analogy but Canada works here.
There are things creative and hidden here. There is a waspishness of getting on with life, what concern is my real life to you anyway.

Opening with the names of the principals, the titles reveal, across the sound of solemn Church Bells then the familar Wedding March played on a Church organ we see this is closure of a young woman’s life we are witnessing.

The reading in the Church, all dark, small aisle, black and white tiles, is given by Claire played by Anais Demoustier who has seen a childhood friend taken away. She tells the gathering of Laura, the posthumous Isild Le Besco appearing throughout in flashback how each vowed from the beginning of their teens to look out for each other. A flashback showing the boyish, bond of blood ute into their palms and co-mingling as a symbol of that vow.

This is told within the first five minutes by this stylish outré vision as is the dynamic sought by Ozon for our entertainment.
Cleverly he takes away our expectations from early on and substitutes a reality which we have to adjust to. An adjustment mainly concerning in effect the woman Claire is. She has a relatively normal well heeled life with an affectionate husband whose love is unremitting and their communications verbal non verbal and physically in love are attuned to a point where they find small things create a needed frisson as time moves on.

Claire has a rediscover of her latent sexuality and it helps fasten her to her ever trusting husband Gilles (Raphael Personnaz) his job though seems to become a third part of their marriage, less so Claire who does not seem to possess either career ambition or child bearing needs.

Centrally the sweeping intro off the setting of Canadian everyland, with two childhood friends gets subverted when her vow becomes the demanding element of her life.

Romain Duris as I said at the outset is part of the mix in delectable relationships as his adjustment to loss is felt even greater than Laura’s and Gilles is sympathetic to her taking on a role of nursing the now reclusive David (Romain Duris) back to himself and through the intense trauma of the loss of Laura. Romain has become a one parent family and his sole helper is the Godmother with the blessing of the grieving parents who have be-quested their wealth in trust for Lucie, the child born to Laura shortly before her passing. They convey the family aspect this film needs as a core focus of expectations.
Romain and Anais are in roles never expected and each produce extraordinary, and that is not too bold a description as they convey the sexual pull and temptations across their intersecting lives.
The Ozon skill is finding normal setting to set in place the characters conditions of bringing up baby.
The baby Lucie has a comment or sense of who she belongs too and in six months the tables turn and the story develops beautifully.
Gilles is in a place where he accepts there is a faith which he has to hold onto with his wife and he does this fully and trustingly.
Away from it all
On a weekend away, for Romain’s second outing with Laura for the sake of his recovery they go to the former mansion where Laura and Claire first met and became friends.
The score is very subtle but it becomes shades of Fredrick Astons Month in the Country with its bliss laden odd beauty. A superb new soprano is given full tilt on our senses and it conjures for us the pleasure of escapism of a kind rarely found or encountered except through the company being perfectly attuned.
The cinematography utilizes the ordinary of Canada and the luxury of Coco Chanel interiors and bizarrely Canadian lifestyle furniture.
It is also extraordinary when the faces, bodies are framed with the costume, under and over exchange community. The revealed flesh is formed in portraiture and sex where found is rhythmically honed to push the buttons of the observer of these lithe bodies.

Conclusion ####4
Not an unfit figure to be seen. Even extras are fit. The drama is perturbing and heart felt as it develops. This is a film held in the characterisations of the three main actors. Romain is adept and convincing while Anais holds the viewer in closest to the Ozon imagined personas. She makes it believable most. Raphael is limited to being a supporting voice but his necessarily under developed role is dealt with as all in customarily intelligence in this ensemble of relationships fashioning of self along with many questions of how many times life produces challenges of ground breaking change.
I love the film throughout for it thoroughness in being firstly French and its complex tale in a setting which ought not to deliver its story yet does with exemplary aplomb. Ozon likes people and likes their dependencies.
He gets the story at about the right level and without over doing it; it has plenty of humour, he makes good humanity’s wider expanses.
It is quite masterly and will become a revisit movie. It will allow watching from time to time as a weathervane. It need not educate but will provide a locality for the freedom to never judge others choices.

Et to see it soon in order you can see it again if you so wish before the end of this new run.

John Graham

19 May 2015


See at QFT from this Friday 20 May 2015
Until it closes on Thursday 28 May 2015.
Go see it is very good melodramatic and idiosyncratic as well as extremely well made!
Might encourage you to go again!
Further credits.

Camera (color, widescreen), Pascal Marti; editor, Laure Gardette; music, Philippe Rombi; production designer, Michel Barthelemy; costume designer, Pascaline Chavanne; sound, Guillaume Sciama, Benoit Hillebrant, Jean-Paul Hurier; re-recording mixer, Jean-Paul Hurier; assistant director, Arnaud Esterez; casting, Antoinette Boulat.

Rosewater : A Film Review

How a Journalist is likened to a Spy
In all consciousness Jon Stewart satirist to Tony Blair turned Film Director took to being behind a camera like a pro.

The guy, JS, has been in front of the camera for so long his instinct for a story and how to tell it for effect is well honed.
His American status is unchallenged as he has become the Daily Digest, distinguishable past the Joe .. Adam .. David … The Brit blow ins etc now sofa couch being delight in viewing.
The subject of this film is in the safety zone of a now returned Journalist, the mercurial Mr Newsweek reporter once a witness to atrocity in Tehran when as a camera man following the 2009 Iranian Elections began on the ground excursions to the outlying Iranian hinterlands hopeful through his own sense of Iran born of Iranian/Canadian parentage and courage of insightful thoughtful journalistic endeavour.

This true story was in better if that can even be contemplated as ‘scalable’ on the atrocities visited to numerous journalists over the past few decades.
They have died. Been beheaded, used as proxy bombers, maimed and their families wrecked through death, harbour, connection over all continents.
The visiting of these lives is from many viewpoint gut wrenching, from the pale waif of a student being buried in the Gaza under tonnes of Israeli bull dozed sand. To the Many vigils of processional death which IsIs use as propaganda on links of current social media.
Satirist Events
Jon Stewart does not get my vote as a satirist of particular gift or insight.
The ability to become greater than a bar-room skeptic and tutored cynic of Politics and the malaise which passes as press documentation has on ya certain hubris when it is engulfed within the morass that is the United States of America junk culture. We got Obama before they did. No wonder kid going to deliver for them any day soon. No we, or some of us thought J.F. Kennedy was a well heeled immigrant with Wexford strains of begohraah tunefully oratating about space while forgetting, Vietnam, white power controls, Corporate greed and Capital supremacy not to mention the embarkations to Communist fields of endeavour.
Real Events
Set in this volatile atmosphere it proves the stakes are very much on the side of the heavily armed as well as politically indoctrinated. The current, that is 2015, governance of Iran depends still on the hypocrisies prevalent with this films central theme. Justice for the World by dominance of authoritarianism. The authoritarianism held down by religious privilege and the pausal reflection given to theology of a kind. Kindness, love thy neighbour do not feature highly in this reinvention of satire.
Gael Garcia Bernal plays Mazier Bahari with the kind of naivity of a rookie journalist. That suits Jon Stewart with the picture aimed at the mainstream of American opinion. The horrors of a place torn apart by – Foreign – intervention is after all not a diet for Cinema unless there is a hero and villain or axis involved of conspiratorial blood thickened waste. The belief being it will sink in that dear old USA has a major hand in it.

The beginning is a domestic scene in London with Mazier cuddling up to his English wife listening expectantly to their pre-born child nestled in a comfortable home with a future unhindered by heavy hits. The possible of danger is not taken for granted. There is at the very beginning. The flash forward except the way I describe it here is the flashback to the arrest In Tehran at his family home after the Elections aftermath.
This is a comedic and piece of nonsensical interrogation undertaken by a Police suspecting, knowing he filmed and distributed with Channel 4 reporter Lynsey Hilvsens assistance, (she is spotted at the location with an eye patch as another TINY piece of directorial hubris for the deceased War reporter – – leaning against a closed gate) as his childhood record collection, his film books, DVD collection is trawled over the opportunity to become jocular is not missed. Some find it funny, even Mazier whose mother is asked to wear a Hijab in her own home. I found that more insightful.

Rosewater of the title is a dual entity.
It is his interrogators code name. It is also the central scent of Iran – it’s Chan(n)el No. 4. The fragrance is an essence.

Conclusion ###
This is a bold reconstruction of events and it is of significance that it is told by Jon Stewart. It opens up and scopes out a way of telling albeit in unconventional, still by comedic harnessed means a part of recent history from which the fallout is immense and of proportions not yet envisages.
Cinematically there are bold intensely emotional scenes and you will see the converse/adverse conditions the Iranian nation finds itself bound into.

The scenes where the ghost of Maziers father chides him; he a former detainee also make for complex personal decisions to be made. The visits to the cell. In fact the film is largely cell based, are destructively as real as can be tolerated visually and by no means as accurate as the reality might otherwise have it. Kim Bodnia (Martin Rohde from The Bridge) plays the interrogator and his performance as all are very we’ll gathered and here Jon Stewart gets the very best tonaly visually, expressively from his collaborators.
The producers also deserve credit.

Well worth seeing this and edited to the criminal political conspiracies and plot stretched stories which are passed of as real spy or conspiracy narratives.

While this is no masterpiece it is heartfelt and broadly challenging. The real Iran though still has no voice.

John Graham


10 May 2015

Paula Bradshaw : Alliance Volte Face to Public.

Manipulate your Public
There is a prospective MP whose idea of morality in Public life is such that it is a discretion. It is able to be held without proper regard for the possible outcomes.
Public Inquiry Lies
That prospective Politician in order to obtain something was willing to set aside rules and in their Public service work set about obtaining the objectives given her by the bureaucrats that she worked for at GVRT it is known as partiality and it was so clear to the Barrister he likened it to a committal or acquittal without regard to the evidence. The refusal of Mr David Dawes of NIHE to provide any Plan except a white sheet being a key obstacle to outcome.

The lie comprising the European Community laws were set aside.
We do not do EU Law when it comes to our Community.
Remember the joint Housing Executive and other tide from which Housing manipulation still flows.

It is all connected in the little vice of obsequiousness and practiced with polite adroitness by thick careerists.
Or perhaps it is not even as complicated as that.
Mere greed propelled for house and home.
Social Cleansing ‘The Village’
To obtain the social cleansing of the Greater Village, which is effectively what the so called regeneration was aimed at – to transform the Village into a smaller and broken up community free from the up to then divisive conditions. So it was achieved?

Yes it can barely be regarded as a community and further divisions have arisen through ethnic segregation. It is still riven with numerous social problems making it as socially divisive as ever yet when you are Social Engineering by ignoring ground rules and principles of analysis you bring on further responses to your duplicitous aims and achievements are thin.

A few better houses do not replace a vital centrifugal community.

It now contains a multiplicity of races but brokers no religious cross community element – with the additions of fewer facilities and ongoing austerity shored up by continued lack of work and educational progress.

Blind Ridicule.
I put it to her party – the Alliance Party – any resemblance between it and the the Liberal version – etc.. – the case of misdemeanor. A response? To steer clear. They probably do not even understand the implications despite their so called equality and no-sectarian broadsheet veil.

To that symbolic party of ‘equality’, to the equivalence of centre ground Politics, that Liberal contrivance, that party now being rejected by the many who bought into the parlous ’emblematic’ middle ground as carpetbagger fags for Tories that is junk political garbage a – has fallen as a stone across GB on the hear/speak/see no evil (except the lock up – get out of my cab) tainted synoptics of useless neo-capitalist hubris.

Courting the next Catastrophic Crash.
The same Liberals the Labour Party now court as possible partners in this weeks outcome for Government. How appalling for the Labour Party to; after the betrayals of Tony Blair whose War mongering and sub worshipping of the Alan Greenspan tectonic display of Capitalist hubris bringing on a two trillion dollar meltdown on the economies based on wider unsustainable Western Capitalism, to be contemplating a further distillation of principle?
How unimaginative is it in reducing debt 25% – around $25 Trilion of it – belonging to China – sloshing around the entire globe.

The Liberals here are the android Alliance Party.
What are they for what do they represent.
Duplicity in the form of saying one thing and doing the other.

When I raised the fact with the Alliance Party their moralist leader or at least their Chief Whip, reckoned that any misdemeanor, if as I alleged is correct, happened outside the party!
Father Ted like ‘that would be an ecumenical matter.‘ Except it is not.
The candidate hold some stock of their ‘achievement’ in the Greater Village. No doubt several are very pleased.
It is if they behave Homer like, preferring to confer to a letter at a time.
Homer published his great works in 24 works after the number of letters he was beholden of.
No the Liberals dissect and make even more distinctions failing to accumulate even a work of effort or exactitude on which to Electioner.

They rely on vowels without the consonants, or vice versa.
According to their ignorance. Never tied to an concatenation they willy hilly carry on as middle sacrementers. Paula Bradshaw is merely representative of it.
They will no doubt remind everyone of the virtues of their own encomium during and after the hustings. How everyone except them are in correction.

Unlawful Surveys
The misdemeanor is Paula Bradshaw conducted surveys within the Greater Village unlawfully by leading the recruitment and the surveyors, residents, in a wholly undemocratic process of Redevelopment survey process and in flagrant breach of European Union directives for surveys of such a nature that require them to be conducted independently to obtain a redevelopment plan.

No not for Northern Ireland? To damn awkward. The bureaucrats do not abide European instruction.

The Alliance Chief Whip reckons it was work carried out for an Employer.
Parties across Britain meanwhile dump or at least have their candidates, party members answer such charges. Then they dump them as liabilities should they not agree with or accept their duplicitous conduct.

If anything was unlawful it should be taken up with the Employer the Chief Whip mindfully suggests. An integrity bypass.
Surely the advice ought to have been to take it up with the Police?

The Employer, the Public ‘Service’ NIO, has enough property related fault lines it is hastening to repair and brush under the carpet without one person facing sanction or prison, not one single person ever facing Court, over large amounts of lost Public money on Housing Executive and DSDNI administered Housing Association failures and Overpayment of Maintenance contracts already in house.

The Alliance says no.
The Alliance Chief Whip obviously has not got a clue what morality is.
Likewise the prospective Parliamentarian who was in another Political Party at the time their handiwork progressed.

Paula Bradshaw has roughly the same job, only it faces more austerity problems, riven as the community is with the Sure Start, Health closures and Education cuts mounting in the GRVT and all adjoining neighbourhoods except pockets of obvious affluence and inure protected peace dominions.
The GVRT keep the words ‘Sure Strart’ up on their windows but it’s long gone as parents will tell you it’s a shadow of its former life.
The Tories promise ‘a comeback’ but it is sure to be a new backward forwards start.
All too easily seen coming down as an association of political negligence.
Still the GVRT houses are, well in some persons eyes, equipped for the future. Have your flags on designated days – but you can’t eat them school of thinking brings some a solution as with flags – temporarily.

Age of De Lorean
It is a shame the inflexibility and layout (’80’s updated) show the true requirements for housing to be nowhere near anywhere met.
Still that’s what manipulated surveys achieve and this is what that demanded.

The Alliance Party are the functionaries of sectarianism allowing it to happen as it suits their finer cloth or mantra of ‘moderation.’
Social division to remain, social inertness to predicate the area. Bingo.
Build a bingo hall. The Alliance don’t do imagination.

Seamus Heaneys Boundary bonding apart
They even buy into third party services allowing your services to be farmed out to corporate business instead of facing it fore-square and dealing with the random pettiness and sectarianism striven policies of the likes of the DUP rival Gavin Robinson whose estate agent – bank manager persona suits his leaders state agent persona whose purpose is that, being a bank manager for GB of the doled out cash and coffer churn.

Alliance may not hold onto the East Belfast seat occupied by Niaomi Long whose latest concerns turn obliquely from animal rights to regeneration of the failed retail mantra. Bring in the German Model. Lidless Lidl or Almost Aldi. Fill the rest of the windows with pictures of shops as wishful thinking retail destinations. Get Van the Cool to shine among the Cypress.

Retail mañana.
That to is symbolic of the local pup sold over the years of Bank corruption and the fact NI no longer has an indigenous Bank.
Have you failed to spot for 800 years Ireland never even had a common currency lest the capitalist analysis provided by the Alan Partridge of consumer politics and Belfast Telegraph submission to retail heaven – the John the evangelist accountant Simpson and Enterprise Minister who presses flesh to obtain meaningful low cost capitalism spot flaws of a bend in the road. Why turn?

Bradshaw ex. Unionist Tory.
Paula Bradshaw when in the Ulster Unionist Party was husting from an apt address in Weavers Court, which a fellow councillor provided as operated as a UUP campaigning hub.

Weaving her way on from the apparent mis-judgement – of joining a party of singular hierarchical sectarian status principally – had become a reason to morph into a Liberal. At least it would fit the curve of ambition if not the know how or moral compass desired. Would it hold out a Polemic worth following? When has a Liberal ever held one?

When has it been ethical or moral to pretend achievement of one kind when a reality is ever clear and apparent which shows the opposite?

When has it been ethically correct to use people to obtain aims for which they are unaware of the consequences while pursuing an agenda which amounts to ethnic cleansing and social engineering?
It is when a Political vacuum sits on your shoulders and a plastic tray of dainty fruit cocktail as a five a day remedy approach occupies your equality agenda. The in tray suggests Health regimes are failing.

So our meat and agriculture produces disease?
So how about a Health agenda?
So crime is rampant? How about prison reform – no thanks?
So Schools are closing and each kid will get their divided school as seen fit?
So the double economy is no longer significant?
So our Political system requires no democracy?
So the Public Servants can act as criminals?
So the Parliamentarians can lie and fail to represent?
So the Politicians can remain hypocrites and liars?

Questions all but if Northern Ireland ever needed truth more it is now not never.

Once in a while the DUP and Sinn Fein axis of Governance range Forward or is it Backward into the path of Alliance neo-liberalism.

Careful with that X Eugene.

John Graham

5 April 2015