War : What and Why


– noun

ascription of human passions or feelings to a being or beings not human, especially to a deity.
Also, an·thro·pop·a·thism.

Anthropology is widely known as study of humans origins distinct from other animals. So it is dubitable assigning anthropathy an otherness likening it to neither human or animal.

Intrinsically we have to make a literal leap of faith to rise above ambiguity of speech or amphiboly. Therein lies the crux of us beginning to, in this the Anthropocene age or epoch, being able to grasp the fundamental dilemma of our existence. That to return to ‘forever’ we have to make the choices renewed in us by the creator. Such choices are the challenges set throughout each persons existence including and foremost in this narrowing of the narrative our conflicts with others. The War thing.
Sustainable on our planet
I have met a distinguished Climate Scientist, this past week. Her name is Jess Spear of Socialist Alliance Seattle. She has used the expression of Anthropocene in her article ‘A World of Change – The Anthropocene age’ (it uses both titles separately in the journal so use either when searching) for the meaning of what can be described as ‘action of the human age’.
The derivation comes from, she explains, ‘anthro – human, cene – new’.

From the work which appears in Socialist Today Dec/Jan 2015/16 No. 194, she posits the word as defining our present age. She suggests it may be ‘a new geological epoch which we are in is correctly defined in use of this word – “..we are now hotly debating whether we have entered a new geological epoch, the Anthropocene – ‘anthro – human, cene – new’ – or maybe we have been in it for centuries but just didn’t know it.

She goes on to place the previous epochs, known and less elastic, as in ‘difference’ – “the Holocene and (before that the Pleistocene).”

The Anthropocene is clearly of the human age and is our epoch.

The human condition is challenged to know itself and its place in the universe. No greater guidance is in existence than the word.

Emanating from our boundaries delivered to us in human limitations the encounter with choice is the foremost privilege given as a life form of difference. This prerogative is held dependent on others.

What choices

—Related forms
an·thro·po·path·ic [an-thruh-puh-path-ik] , adjective


This is a virtually extinct word or absent from our daily conscious.
When associative words appear in newsreels or in cinematic revivals of horrific human cannibalism the word anthropophagi appears as a cast of the group who consume human flesh.

Programmed to fear
Consider the plight of the human brains thoughts when it comes down in a wilderness ‘in the middle of nowhere’. The human mind turns to its programmes of survival.

Consider that escape or discovery is slipping away and hope is narrowing then other extreme thoughts enter the mind. Many times humans have killed or scavenged from the ones who do not survive and who die through natural causes. Groups may even create among themselves the resort to killing other outsiders who stand apart, ethnically, class, or nationally.
They adopt the pretext of group difference to give credence to a new view and purpose which is validated as a group not individual intention or act.

So far we are reaching a point where this analogy is creeping towards a comprehension which implicates acts of War.

The primacy of division and difference has been around so long as we have not found mutual means of survival which have been flung far and wide to the measures of adoption of agrarian or anthropological advantage and access. Every location and human is unique in possibilities. The sum is also different.

The worlds diversity has not so far allowed its range of resource and limitations to be stabilised within the compass of mankind. Nevertheless each day and each generation and precisely because their is before us, time in motion, a forward thrust, regulated by a Universal system of perpetuity, every human experiences newness.


Evolution is driven through and beyond perpetuity by other than natural ‘laws’. Our governance, ourselves create and restrict parameters and choices disintegrate or generate the possible outcomes alongside the natural laws we have no control over.

The narrowness of our minds is our limiting hub. Without collective agreement there shall always be disharmony and this is sent to the extreme act of killing and preventing others from surviving as a race or construct beyond the deity they the war makers have any likelihood of encountering or experiencing. It can happen though they are the only ones to love first themselves and to inspire change from within. Never despair of it not happening because with or without you, at a time near or far it shall happen. Neither an optimist nor a pessimist be.

The presence of a deity is the core relief and prophetic savior of our world.
Send division among people through in acceptance of one deity and creator and the continuity of behaviors will not halt.

This is where the word cannibalism and anthropopathy have an implied resonance as conveyors of truth and understanding.

More material evidence can be discovered by advancing and transposing the immediate concerns more locally and in its many formulations.
The application of this is not secondary but a telling component of the principle thesis.

There is much to think on but reason and asking the question why is key to bringing about change and reversal of the use of war as a means to deliver peace within humanity.

Change needs to start within the individual.

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