Each day is different : A poem

The time remains the same Passing to return again Humbling Consoling Terrifying

Today a new discovery Formally I greet you Informally I want you This is life in raw emboldened urge so formidable No keys are needed to enter its fate A phase of Gods turn

Friday 20 03 2020 I no longer have dreams Instead there are wishes There are day dreams For others new riches in survival Things always – change irrevocably Survival of mankind Has somehow disappeared Gone to another plain

I no longer have nightmares The relentless anxiety

Fixed realities instead instilled The equinox of the mind Shedding fear hope too Is suppressed

I go through the years

I have known loved A roll call of people Or just been with In simpler times

Those already gone

I reach to them

Ask what their reaction – would be

They come visit me

A mind in lockdown

I see they are free

They tell me their ease

The things I loved with them

Their troubles shared were lightened

The ghost of their life

Is alive in both now

Same thoughts and feelings

Never truer than now

Air is a lifeline

Ventilators silent friends

Rotation of lung oxygen

Replenished holding strings

Of life together while

Inside an enemy runs amok

Sliding days anticipate

A cohort of new integrities

Soul yes Values Yes

Belief No Virtue Yes

Purpose on hold as

Time itself rolls by

Seconds still turn tides

The Sun circles us

Keeps the earths seasons

Has somehow disappeared all life

Furrowed people

Ploughed people

Humans – people they all

Are us.

John Graham

20/21 March 2020


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