Turns out to be True

What became of reflection?
In the day when three Algerian citizens living in France turned on a group of creative, professional, traditionalist, ridicule illustrators, one thing appeared clear. The escalation of hated is fueled by failures in the human race to communicate. To turn hate into murder is an unexplained step.

The people of who we in the UK had little idea of the activities and product of their own minds which they put across in a niche of political satirism little was said here of the families and partners left behind.
The family had become the Nation. Or so it appeared.

Blasphemous satire was the alleged motive that became depiction playing into the hands of the individuals belonging to the self determined ideology of their own basis of theology. An ideology without theology.

For centuries the art form which now depicts the extreme diversity of humanity is found like an island, abandoned by mediated satire, in an age of digitized and brutalized media it’s vulnerability to hatred has been realised in the most destructive way imaginable. Is it worse than a missionary boiled in a pot?. Of course it is. We now have the means to make sociological judgements based on wider reasoning.

Were it disseminated alongside editorial as is the case in virtually all so called heavyweight media the ‘cartoon’ vexates as the crude visual metaphor unreal he’d by the journalistic endeavours so often.
Therein lies a very clear distction. One that conducts itself inside a message not itself being the message.

Like at the beginning of the French film ‘Ridicule’ the fact is the French are ‘piss-poor at it. It is not Moliere but now men are dead and this is an unspeakable violation of the right to be free to create your own measure of the world.

For the choice of expression to find itself in print media of a circulation of 60,000, bringing representative of a nations culture and a target for incensed propagandists for a cause creating itself around brutalism and against the higher authority of and will of the Creator, is a new level of ridicule gone bad.

This is a driven ferocity hell bent on creating hell on earth against all Muslim and Other Religious thought.

Traditions of becoming a challenger on behaviour of a Creator are found and faced in the margins of media they become capsules of storms seen gaining momentum in sight, like a passing tornado followed on satellite, to fade and leave behind destruction in a calm. Such is the currency of digital.

To the vast majority, confronted only when the traditions of journalism of following the currency, literally, of the moment know as the present, enter the fray, provided with instant direct news and reportable of the outcomes the undercurrent of themes known and dispersed amongst us are unknown.

The gunmen now themselves subject to killing after leaving their siege firing and in the face of gunfire in their radicalisation were responding to the Abu-Grade prison camp images and the pyramids of the naked pile of prisoners being humiliated and the easily recalled image of the shrouded hooded prisoner on a platform no bigger than their feet with their hands raised slightly imploring justice and showing a mind containing dignity.

They have been chased around France and came out in the end in a senseless bloody replay of ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’.

Serious journalism has been seeking answers and providing insight and analysis all along as ridicule has diversified the depictions of conscious.
So it has ever been. Now however the proximity of the ills and origins – now beyond state – of perceived identity and ideology have abandoned reason to the functions of a new order of allegiance.

Serbs, Croats must be wondering what the price of Kingdom is, of how they find a way to repair their past. Senseless young men and women are on the opposite side of the hill they were once on were they put the lives of others as worthless and choose to destroy figures representing the opposite.

The opposites living inside the same human design, the same physiology programmed with an bitter intensity brought out of the past rendering their future into a shambolic mess.

How this has manifested is not presently the (they need restored and he wants to do that) paramount need for focus or attribution.
The primary focus is the realisation of the seismic drift caused by media that defines expression and presents disclosure has itself become the root of propaganda.

Capital is gained in such tiny acts. They ‘represent’, they are the acidic corrosive fusion of ideas and a destructive force capitalizing on the idea.
In this tiny act the family of those lost to a trio of gunmen were not the foremost print or visual connection. The abandonment of reality was instant and the idea of a nations values and freedom of speech became the cause for concern.

This has been taken up through outrage and found to be a place for ‘nationhood’ to recapture lost found while protagonists for free speech ignore the lack of it within the greater and hidden sections of deal making political and financial agendas.

The Anglo-Saxon meeting to discuss Banking and separate ideologies of monetary approach to the management of their population and the dispersal of generated wealth and power is matched in tandem by the New Isis World Gold Bank. Except the small Isis monetarised Banking System only partially yet realised in the form of an actual Currency producing Factory or ‘Treasury’ is a mirror of the the corruption of principles as edict.

The Isis collection bowls stretch into the homes and businesses of Europe, various Charity front organisations to such an extent citizens in foreign lands, particularly Turkey manifest the structures enabling the collection and recruitment sponsorship of the Isis to turn into forces.

Such forces, since the shut down of the Gold market transfers having readily and complicit capacity for enabling gifting funds into Isis in both Syria and Turkey stifled they operation has turned to the ancient currency of hegemony the monetaristion itself. Creating Gold coin from stolen sources and now from redirected finance is designed to find the power to overturn.
Isis have the readiness and in world terms a tiny fraction of banking.
The Jewish faith whose own reaction to Isis is virtually silent is in real terms many many multiples of rich unfashionable wealth.

With that wealth is bought singularity. Impeccably religiousity. Implacable values of truth. All founde on a conversation between Gods and Crucifixion.

This weekend the diversity of the families of those killed will have gathered to begin burying their loved ones prematurely taken form them.
Since they were only some days after seeing them most probably over Christmas and New Year and memories formed even between their closest which were to carry them forward and now strained have become irreplaceable very significant precious memories it is beyond imagining what sorrow has been felt or what sorrow continues?

May the wounds of bitterness heal quickly and their memories last forever.

John Graham

9 January 2015


From the Dave Duggan play AH6905

The dead abound, the dead abound,
How do we keep them in the ground,

The past remains, the past remains
How do we satisfy its claims

The truth cries out, the truth cries out,
How do we answer to its shout,