Religion : Something New

imageThe Disquisition.
For an idea to take shape it requires some exploration.
It happens as I was an attendee at a rare Sunday Evening Service at the Church I go to; it last had evening services a very long time ago, it shall remain nameless as in the following you will see convergence and assimilation is what matters.

The service was, as is often the case, the means to accessing and discussing these things.
I related to a reflection from a book I had just finished in which it had me considering the larger questions. Then came bigger questions once I began writing and coincidences started to occur.


Something New?
From the heading to this opening section I have added a question mark.
Having read in a book of a reference made by the author concerning ‘Something New‘ I came to realise in the phrase something’s , that came in the later stages of the ‘The Pillow Book of Eleanor Bron’ a hidden detail. She has it seems accumulated, been holding back!, some of the more confounding things for this part of her book, like an actor having taken you through the immensely satisfying passages of the play – the pillow book has opened and insights that have not escaped her, she brings momentous challenges of thought as the heart of the ‘play’ in its denouement.

This observation by EB is the final act, but you are conscious it is only one book in her life and so much more is not revealed.
She is not going to spill the beans about the important stuff; namely her character assessment within herself and her opinions, true opinions on things past and present. No, only the bigger picture anecdotal entitlements we are able to access now we have them here written in this casual form!
Pillowbooks are essays on any subject that occurs to you in the course of writing. The object is to arrange the thoughts into common themes and to loosely take things chronologically give a rhythm of structure. The practice is ancient.

Something new? Well, when she has been rehearsing and improvising,as the American acting style of learning developed into, she notices something which illustrates much more than just acting.

In the manner of the writing of a Pillowbook a short title is used.
It comes in these last passages as ‘startling things‘ neither with capitals or bold but italisised.
em>startling things
‘….another actor who takes a piece of text or of behaviour and opens doors and lets in light that makes everyone, hilarious, with that delight that comes almost always not from finding out something new, but a shock of recognition of being emended of something so obvious that you know it, somewhere, all the time. If you can offer something back, and something back, and yet again, and on and on – wonderful.’
Other Meanings
From this you can take much besides the simple recognition Eleanor Bron is making as a ‘startling thing’ ‘something’ which climbs to a higher place. She leaves it at that while being exhilarated by the insight.
She has taken it, as it means so much more. It is reason for acting and portraying ideas before people as a kind of witness giving energy to every thing it touches.
To act out the intention and meanings of mere words is a glorious concept which assists our understanding of many things. The continual – see the repetition in the last sentence of her piece – is what she describes in leading up to this recognition as exhilarating.
More can be gathered by looking into this thought deeply and in the context of mere religion and the universal.
Not being something new shows the existence, the prior truth as being the only something that matters. The truth inherent is that all already exists and it is finite not to be added to.
Therein is everything that ever will be in the future already here.
It is simply not yet fully uncovered.
The saying nothing is new under the Sun is only partially accurate.
The universe which we look back upon, through the achievements of science, is of past times.

The modifications we make through uncovering things and destroying things is a cycle within the existing time that is still. It is a stationary timeless essence of our existence. No time exists. Time being a concept.
The passage I refer to has in it the essence of this thought.
That all is in existence and as some prefer to reason, ‘ye must be born again’ that seems to mean return within.
There is no conflict in this saying as it contains the other thought or truth that is often referred to ‘nothing can be created nor destroyed
So in the saying, it unveils some truth as it was otherwise intended.
The Big Bang theory is complete. The theory is that the creation of – and the creator is the universe itself beyond the creation – time is nothing.
To envisage this concept of no such thing as time and we are within the creation which is without time is the central form which has to be perceived. (In a later part I refer to time as it is used scientifically as a means of connection and measurement.)
To conceive of the theory there is a Big Bang is the culmination of an unravelling of the constituent parts of our existence.

It has become so evident that there existed a moment when we ‘came’ into being – except from what we know of ‘mankind’ that part of the fluidity was not there in the exact ‘creative’ Big Bang – our existence was determined because of it, in and out of the Big Bang. It is what we are.
We will never have the capability of discovering the ‘creation’ of existence because we are within it. It exists as us and is the entirety of the universe seen and unseen for which there are to be no subtract ions or additions.
Our reasoning is to make discover what is and not to discover what will be.

The fluidity in the above paragraph is in reference to the form we take.

In this form It is as though we exist within the the two reflective faces of two mirrors each unseparated and each containing all the light.
Our universe being within those mirror faces melded and inexorably in the infinite moment continually rearranging in a time which is inconceivable.

Our own world is methodically based on lineage which casts back through exploration of a universe of billions upon billions of years in the formation.
It is our concept of time without any other instruction. No external, and that is all that we see, knowledge is transferred.
The sense of scale is ours through measurement alone. Even the nano level shows temporal differences around any measurement due to the fluidity of all that is in existence.

Our thoughts are conceived around firstly an understanding our own world and life within it. The conditions in which we exist and the powers of spiritual thinking adapt and provide the necessary formula for existence by our reliance on each other and on the regulation through ‘days’ of our lives.
Whether you call this the theory of no time or of our phenomena is not of any importance. We live in a time within ‘no time’ where we have despite the insignificance of it ‘invented’ seven days for a week by division of a ‘calendar’ found in the behaviour of the planet in relation to the sun and moon. It is a stretched time where we have seasons and the planet ‘Gaia’
as a model of the earth self-regulating organism is a closer recognition than the one which is adhered to that has seven days. A day is the same in Gaia as the next day and the day after that.

In other words there is no need for a day to have a name and seven of those days advance and the same days name arises. It is not logical but a mechanistic set of conformities which deny us true revelation.
The possible explanation is that we fear that uncertainty while seeking uncertainty through destructive and immoral behaviour.
That of war and that of up recognition of Gaia as a base elemental truth.
The cognitive pressures to learn and be able to create ‘everlasting’ conditions, the life after death hypothesis is but one as enlightenment and social realism which are forms of elucidation. Meaning is our questioning reasonings prevailing purpose.
We are the inhabitants in that moment of no time and within it we exist as the quantum parts of that creation.
To act on things we need some certainty and as constituent parts we evolve, are evolving within a frameless universe. The manifestations are a return to our earlier existence through the dissolution of this planet. The planet is a gathering of an immobile part of the universe.
It may seem as an infinity but it is of no time and the infinity exists only as a creation within something that is already here but we know nothing of.
For Gaia we assume the ‘laws’ of Titan, that ancient Greek god of the sun, represented as driving a chariot across the heavens; identified by the Romans with Sol.
There is a sweeping away of the many layers of our self deception and it is through the ‘advancement’ of theory which has collected and been revealing new things to us as our advance has led to new methods of learning, the patterns obtained through computing and the relevance of the anti-fragile world is pulling us into the centre of the Big Bang as it is key to our own understanding.

To not look for something new is a positive and it also defines for us a future which does not exist, only our cycle within the already existing is our life.
In the Pillowbook it is the idea that something exists that you knew all along.
The recognition and revalation is exhilarating and it is driving you closer to that ultimate knowledge of your own existence and of not just something but everything. It is as is now.
Adam and Eve
Another aspect in the Pillowbook which drew me into this exploration, this examination of the thought it provoked is concerning the basis of all Religion. Love of one another above all else.
Primarily in putting the case for God as our proof is the greatest proof of all of our capacity to love in the beginning. From Adam and Eve, she explains in passage 203, –
‘Dorna insists there is only one sin. And that is not loving someone enough to be perfect – that is to say, to obey them perfectly. Starting of course with your parent, or parents. Adam and Eve did love their single parent -as much as any uncomprehending child, in those first days of life, does love the Being that feeds and succoured it; but if you disobey that Being it is akin to not loving it and this – seeming not to love duly – is the strongest spring of guilt. This is the real Original Sin.

Gods case and the case for all parents, is that Creation itself is the greatest proof of love.’

Here Eleanor Bron, whose Jewish sensitivity to Religious thinking has enabled and brought her a very well honed and considered approach to discerning hinges in light of her accrued life’s experience, again touches on elements which although totally without proof of concept or realism are harbours of faith of God as creator. They are disproportionately valuable in their wisdom. It is also a probable cause of the authors ability to perform complex roles in virtue of her disposition for learning and drama as a means of delivering understanding. It is warming to realise this singularity of direction is but one of the vast number of directions peoples lives take them.

Knowing your limits of love is a failing in the perfection known through God.


Action at a Distance – Dice or No Dice

A History of Brief Time
In this time, several reflections can be made of advancements in science and by a small coincidence an exhibition opens this week in Belfast on the theories found by John Stewart Bell.
If a small explanation of his principle theorem is made it is this – Our world is non-local as sub atomic particles act on each other no matter how far apart. Regardless of relation in time or light.
Problematically it has of its relation to quantum theory one thing most evident.

The experiment of separation is achieved through fine distancing which in continuing the separation exacting care enables the exclusion of other forces. It is noted there is still elemental properties within a vacuum so for Jonathan Bell to create an experiment which removes all other elements apart from the sub-particles which ‘bind’ ‘repell’ is the outstanding advance which confirmed the theory for further proofs to emerge.
It is only probability and has no certainty. It is not a deterministic theory in which the future can be predicted. In the circumstances Einstein was philosophically correct in believing the ‘old reliable’ does not play dice.
In this he acknowledges the very eventful – the proximity to being determined through all available present knowledge – as being immense.

Only the absence of this proof is deepening the void and creating an unbridgeable divide between this and the light connection unseen.
The chromatic sciences of art and nature, seen in the film ‘Mr Turner’ as prismatic light obtained through diffusion in glass.
That light passing through air which itself dissipates its colour and scatters before us principally blue which is the light we walk through.

Think of each oxygen particle and four other nitrogen colourless particles which we read through and breath in. Our connection to each other is made through the links of us sharing the same air at some point in different particles of the same element.

It is as though we are linked not only by design, homologous parts are shared between species and our ability to compress and arrange air through our larynx is what makes us able to communicate in a higher order.

That is all that separates us from other species and principally the chimpanzee. It is a reality which environment has stimulated.

Out further is the construct of our finite world within the Big Bang.

Rearview Science
Standing not in front of us but behind us – no science is found in – ‘the future’ – is what is to be uncovered. Swept away by continual trial and error we can connect things as they indeed form their principle.

The dimension of connectivity is physical and JSB John Stewart Bells theorem is the belief not the certainty that each sub particle influences the behavior of another far distant sub particle – [of the same composition?]

In measurement theory there is a held condition needed to allow value to be determined. It is the observance of sub-sets of conditions as they differ minutely. In such small size of variability and in continual flux that they are made invisible to the measurement and for its use.

Science is the discovery of the past not the discovery of the future.

John Graham

4 November 2014


The Four Quartets by T.S.Eliot contains this beginning passage.

Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future
And time future contained in time past.
If all time is eternally present
All time is unredeemable.
What might have been is an abstraction Remaining a perpetual possibility
Only in a world of speculation.
What might have been and what has been
Point to one end, which is always present.
Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened
Into the rose-garden. My words echo
Thus, in your mind.
But to what purpose
Disturbing the dust on a bowl of rose-leaves I do not know.

HER : A Film Review

Spike Jonze directs.
We are ahead of ourselves. The future has not arrived. A broken heart need not the computer love this narrative prophesies. If anything it closes a journey or pathway for Joaquin Phoenix while destroying his self identity.

In this story he is not without hope however despite the contentment sought which is a concept the near future apparently commodifies.
Even down to his job as a writer hired to create something the real world needs. The scope is a clean, banality yet a hive of life lived or so the superficial environment in which there are bartenders, buses, monorail and a constant – imagine a biosphere where you cannot see the stars perhaps see the occasional cloud – kindly warm atmosphere, insanely white and cosmetic. No product placement but a funny fashion bypass is dispensed.
Buttons, high waistbands and impractical homes exist. Kitchen etiquette is lost if it exists at all. Neighbourliness is Amy Adams as a friendly ear with her own partner. No hanky panky is on Theodore’s agenda whose interest in another is entirely off kilter with the love of his life having broken up with him. The Scarlett (Johansson) woman who has been his partner from College is adrift. Into the near world of altered reality. The unaccustomed but accepted vehicle to extract, enliven the cheerful demeanour of which Theodore is apparently constructed. She also voices as the other Her.

What will be the space we will exist in and how will that greatest of all mysteries – our relationships with a significant other or others – choosing partners for – a life – where is the how in the here and now? Back to the movie and what is your partner thinking just now?

The missing part for Theodore is the old one, ancient one of having a partner. Of this past relationship there has been no encumbrance of children though the near future, where break-ups seem common enough – and an virtual majority are in and around thirty something of age – there is a loss in the story of family and tonality. The love story is central though which is how it is being hyped. Good enough for that and a wonder enough for St Valentines Day. It works best when real folk confront each other though and some great one loners come out of the construct presented.

Will it ever be so? You have a sparkling escapism in store. Dovetailed love is requited, mirrored emotion and mutual but not all consuming need for shared and responsive reflection on your giving to another their needs.
The presence of skin is an issue. The complexities arrive.

The Theodore Twombly dilemma is that he has lost a partner that he loved so deeply he has yet to overcome his emotions and so immerses himself in a virtual answer to his physical loss apart from the retained mental loss. Flashbacks dialogue the moments of reflection of memory. No pretense is supplanted, in fact he believes in this new scenario as another level of relationship. So near future yet so far. Other self or Opposite sex. What is works, it seems to be still within grasp. Little tell tales of picking out visions of preference are an availability. In this world the evolution is developing the story, which holds only tenuously and it is not presumably intended to be much else, a morally unchallenging, jeopardy free, fear free place film environ into which the viewer escapes for a while. The film is not a situational flood. Did I say that? The flood is mind breached.

Awesome it is not. Pleasant it is. Law papers appear so there is an attachment to Law but so much order. The colours are peachy. Citrus.
Another one liner is eschewed but not squeezed.

Twombly you may know is the name of a celebrated American Contemporary painter, the celebrated Cy Twombly whose motive is abstraction with a mix of Impressionism and that provision of an escape route you are given with abstraction to make of it what you will.
He presents colour, distinctive present colour which this film is awash with.
It is a pseudo Cy Twombly canvas.
It is not a Rodin sculpture you can circle. It is not a Goya or portrait of realism which is intended to project the sitter or the artists perception of the subjects perception of themselves or their place in a picture, the picture being the time that is before them is a lesser art in Twomblys eyes.
I venture Twombly is present in Jonze mind as he paints mind states which are subtle as the now only. The now being visible from another direction at all times.

Spike Jonze is retrieving the person all through this movie by exposing frailties, vulnerabilities, limitations of us as we evolve in relationships and how challenging this is and ultimately rewarding it is and need, is thirst for another.
Taanith Esther’s is fast day on the 13th day of the month of Adar which is the sixth month of the Jewish calendar. I digress but there is a – as those familiar with the Jewish calendar will know – an intercalary month.
This occurred to me during the film. That in the stem of life we have there is another point, not a thirteenth month nor a elongation of time but a separation we enable or are enabled to inhabit along that stem we have as life. An abstraction invested in without time lapse or gain.
The film maybe supposes if this ‘future’ positions an additional dimension for us to create the other self or form we are. That we shall become capable at some point or other to do this. The server does not enable human development. The server is the restricted mind. A planet under control.
Everyone will react so differently in the given circumstances and if you take that home and relate the questions it appears to produce then the Spike has it nailed.
I can accept lack of certitude contained within us and thus allow contentions to intrude. This is after all how we adapt. What the film explores is how susceptible and natural we are. The denouement is not transgressive nor is the ending. So no flood?
The muse is the fabulous Scarlett Johansson as a virtualous, virtuous sparky, bright and beautiful fulfillment of self (Her) and himself. She is also Her the former partner. Is he – Spike – loosening a swipe – unworthy of her as a viewpoint of the male? The Her. It is a lame aspect if the Her is used as a virtual solution for male emotional expression. All the women are present but only through the male needs are they documented. No event of the woman alone in a similar place is explored. Hence lame.

As a muse, model woman, the artist is a contrivance, the embodiment that Scarlett inhabits, as the real woman Twombly loves sits outside vulnerably. Her is whom? Amy’s, real name Amy, own situation has Twombly enter the perfect therapy. He as therapist. A subtle inside scoping place within the story. The Her is one character and all.

It is an old fashioned triangle(ish) weave made in a colourful, delightful, insightful, forward thinking strangeness which helps uncover a cloudy view in our poor partial sight.

How does the story develop and how important is story to it?
If only we knew we wouldn’t watch films. Stories need telling.
The filmmaker uses the visual, the portraiture of faces, all real to tell it in a very well paced movie neatly scripted.

By the way the Cinema trailer which I have also seen is far too filling as an appetiser as is the habit these days but it is pathetic and does little for the audience except feel cheated.

Familiar territory this is with enough twists and turns to make you shake off moral judgement as it is here accepted it is not a fixed staple, this future now it ventures is a quest, is a pursuit of knowledge of ourselves and others through others and in the mutual behaviours we become conspiratorial but in a relaxing way! The fretfulness happens when another narrative arrives to be explored. Turn left or right or straight ahead but never backwards. There is no backwards.

John Graham
12 February 2014

Belfast. Northern Ireland.

Friday 14 February to Thursday 27 February 2014
QFT Queens Film Theatre
University Square