The Orange

imageThe Long Road 12 July 2014

While I watched the parade at a stall for teas, coffees under a Gazebo, where funds for under resourced groups mainly in West Belfast were raised, there had gathered people who have been coming to the same spot for decades to see the Orange pass.
Much of it is Heritage and Tradition. A lot of it is politically charged with the swipe taken at Protestant culture by the traditions of the Catholic faith. Except the faith has in a lot of cases on both sides died and is far removed from the early days of marching.
The occasion is for some the only day of the year when God comes into their thinking. The detachment from the Church – the Orange is not a faith – has been due to the paradoxically poor expression of brotherhood in God.
The Orange could and should be respected as an organisation which if a foundation of Protestantism did not exist until a political reason arrived onto which allegiance could be forged around the principles of Protestant faith. In doing so it usurped the separatist forged differences of the spasmodic dogmas of Protestantism by forging a cross credal union.
Its fault still lies in its failure to note its own origins yet it must be given respect for its remembrance to things still not comprehended but which are dormant awaiting leadership.
Unrecognised Soldier
Both sets at other times of the year celebrate using military insignia, often as memorial attached to the recent troubles and warfare. The present use of uniforms for example of the Somme soldiers and Home Rule personnel have a clinical, sanitised, mythical presence which when they fall out leaves a bitter taste of the real soldiers deaths being used in this political role. Many died for God knows what. Of those who came back so many lies were spoken about the war, many no longer knew not only about the war but about life. Many avoided the Easter Rising because they were alongside other, the greater number of Irishmen aiming to bring the war to conclusion. The fact is the Irish Government denied the loss of numbers who fought for Britain until last year and now the Queen and the Irish President can’t wait to commemorate all dead in memorial gardens.
These times being so removed from then they cannot agree on the present.
Currently an estimated 250,000 ‘British’ citizens live in Ireland while around 425,000 ‘Irish’ citizens live in Britain. Both Governments treating the population with long accustomed arrogance and concealing the truth they hold witness to.

The Twelfth is a unique celebration of identity found grounded in the Ulster plantation which has a pronounced Scottish dimension. Why is that one asks? Surely there were many Scottish here before the Plantation. Many supported as a hired fighting force the Earls and Kings of Ireland. They traded as the Welsh did as fellow Celtic kinsfolk.
The trading was essential and it attracted the English and as it was to prove it was a fertile ground for exploiting rich lands by conspiracy with the Church of Ireland and under the direction of The English Pope Hadrian I the instruction was given to Henry III to invade Ireland and take possession of the lands so they would obey Rome and use the Roman coin which was beginning to lose its currency due to trades without coinage and settlements without proper jurisdiction.

Theft of Land
The force of English Rule was founded on theft of land and Church rule which prospered through tithes and taxes which they imposed for the principle of Religion and God. The more so when the Church of Ireland drew up doctrines based as they considered the tenets of God. The Church of England was the superior voice and it led the tyranny which affected ALL parts of Ireland. Some parts of the Orange are stuck in the preissuance of the New Testament and still consider text such as Leviticus 6 in reference to being hurtful to a neighbour that follows atonement in the order of the burnt offering, the grain offering, the sin offering. Blood need no longer be splashed on the alter inside or outside the Church. Truth atones.
Compared to the devastating denial of self governance; Daniel O’Connell among the first to fail achieving the goal of removing the yoke of Religious control which was a conspiracy of both Churches and which remains to this day, the Plantation was a land grab which split Protestants who in many a number left Ireland unable to expect rule of equality for all.
In the main they went to America and as the Ulster proud Scots and Anglicised Puritan Protestants will have you believe they went as pioneers not asepple getting out of a cruel regime and colonial part of England’s spread across the globe.
Even the English left and among them Thomas Paine and together these new Americans redefined God and strived and achieved the goal of an end to slavery while the likes of Abraham Lincoln had to be brought to the table under Gods will.
Impestuousity harbours hate
I had to listen to an impetuous commentator address some people not used to the Parades and with his crystal ball; I really think he believed what he was saying, he told the group there would be violence to stay away from areas particularly the Ardoyne. He advised them that anyone with black skin would likely be a target. Such unwarranted and frankly offensive comments were intolerable then and even with the benefit of hindsight are accusations against the Orange which the commentator has no particular insight to offer. A middle class reactionary voice was heard and allowed to offer particular advice. I was disgusted and hold no sway with this complete mis guidance being allowed to perpetuate without question.

He also put the whole marching occasion as anti-catholic which shows an ignorance of history if not a quick method of assigning disapproval of the Protestants of 1690 who are unrepresentative of Protestants today. We were not in for a lecture thankfully but to describe it collectively as Anti-Catholic misses on several levels the pre-Darwinian, pre-enlightenment and pre-self rule in these islands that still do not have self rule.
Sovereign Rule
Sovereignty reigns and the USA is a republic with the development being attributable to people of Ireland which includes the visionary philosopher from the North, Thomas Hutchenson. Influential on Thomas Paine, Adam Smith, David Hume and the forefathers of Americas republic itself.

The commentary of some fails to realise the delusion under which Protestantism is today manipulated to provide the powers of the realm with their autocratic rule. In the same position is Catholisism which despite the dreadful godless Machiavellian devil conspired leadership is today asking its people to subscribe to sectarian politics through their religious portal.
Thinkers and God
Albert Einstein was not afraid of God and profoundly as Galileo did and his own words are as revelatory as his science it would seem.
‘I want to know how God created this world, I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element.
I want to know His thoughts, the rest are details

Just as the Orange and Republicanism Memorials enact the history of the past the prevailing element lies within realising Gods need for us not to be divided and that by creating division through religious differences, themselves a sham on truth, that discovery is not made by embracing a culture to oneself as a self required affirmation of identity but in fact the opposite is infinitely more revelatory in realising all others are you.
The you exists outside yourself as you treat others.
that relation you have with ever living human being is actually more God affirming than relating to a dead human being.
How ever hard it is to detach the mind from your actual antecedents it is in the body. The vessel carrying your soul and informing your mind that carries those parts of ancient heritage.

Einstein is asking and thinking what is the antecedent? who is the thought if us?

Take another thought relating to the war, this time the Second World War.

The words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn in 1983 in London explained a lot
‘Since I have spent well-nigh 50 years working on the history of our revolution; in the process I have already collected hundreds of personal testimonies, and have contributed eight volumes of my own toward th effort of clearing away the rubble left by that upheaval. But if I were asked today to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not have put it more accurately than to repeat: “Men have forgotten God; that is why all this has happened.
Despicable Leaders
This present society has memories of hate driven violence and loss of life.
There are thousands who have died and many, many injured and a society traumatised through their collective witness.

If you have one vision of the so called factions leaders the crowd turn up braying acclimation to a howling man not knowing where solid ground is and casting lies out as new thought.

Having been subject to the hate filled rhetoric fuelling at his will and sanction violence against fellow human beings of another faith Ian Paisley has been another demicloth, so too the opposite despots and the crisis of identity precurors such as Martin McGuinness and Gerard Adams both creatures of wild hatred born of insolvency in civil liberty within their evil conceived dogma of killing as a method to raise mankind. They are like hunched dogs with spinosa of a primeval forgotten urge left bereft of meaning and conjoined in ignominious hurt laden values.
They do not require our forgiveness only God can forgive. We are asked by God to realise this is their only act of contrition and is in need of public witness.

The preceding deaths of Irish and as Solzenitzen points out the irreproachlessness of violence when confronting God, the deaths are colossal in comparison with this era, even with the population numbers on the planet being much smaller in previous eras.

The strange reflection has to be the suppression of truth by forces which control and make choices. No one doubts the hegemony of the very few who have secured their wealth through centuries of greed and misrule but it remains an area few actually regard as what makes them make their own choices on creating division. They are fed a history which few if any understand or care to understand yet God is in their mind if they would simply listen for the true word.
The Orange need find purpose in stopping government fracturing of city neighbourhoods brought about by insufficient investment in schools – there is an obvious lack of investment within Belfast in certain areas leading to poor standards – and a move away to other areas outside together with Planning policies which mothball areas then set about preferencing schemes which cater for the cash rich and non of which is affordable for people with long attachments to an area. The schools are no longer strong educationally and cater for mainly immigrants and newcomers whose expectations are not yet matured.

Where the areas are worst hit are in the failure to address neglect and produce structured replacement, instead the piecemeal ensures upheaval and transition to an identity free zoning.
No-one would be wise in suggesting more mixed housing, in the terms used here, would not benefit us but when there is a wholescale breakdown through neglect of housing need; it should be remembered in the past many families of each religious faith lived in close proximity without the rancour devised by terrorists, the divisions are emphasised by huge empty spaces and road, peace wall divisions. The task of the Orange is to represent the aspirations of hope and faith not resentment.
Remembering Battles is one thing but the heart of the Orange is widespread expression of freedoms and joining with others who likewise do not adhere to the creed of one religion. The rural communities know the freedoms involved and long were witness to their neighbours religious authority exploiting them and producing the vile doctrines of division while behaving atrociously under the protection of their Church hierarchy concealing criminal abuse and debased practices. They also need be aware the nature of their own and mediate for truth in all parts. That is what did set Protestantism apart but do any recognise this?
The Field
The cry across fields, and they can be from either persuasion, is of fighting for liberty and freedom. The Protestants acclaiming ‘the sacrifice made for freedom and democracy.‘ AGMGL while recalling the division of the nearby border known for ‘suffering and heartbreak down the years, along with the sickening glorification of terrorism with the parade last year in Castlederg..’
Both sides repudiating the other and remaining bigoted and divided with their own fellow countrymen. They claim a loyal gathering under loyalism to Unionism which shares power with terrorists and convicted killers all in the name of freedom and democracy while supporting the continued repression of the truth. In the name if God. An uncontested lie being told.

Religious Dogma
What is the Orange? It is hard to tell because its origins which recognised the tryranny of Roman Catholism, regarded religious faith with a primacy based in the Bible allowing freedom of thought and conscious while being respectful and considerate to their neighbour. It also abhorred achohol and gambling and sinful occupations. There are sermons during the Second World War locally which underlines the connection to a sovereign nation without considering how that link was founded and maintained. It became obvious and in common view it was a Unionist conspiracy to maintain its lucrative dealings with the crown and use gerrymandering to maintain its rule. That is never discussed of expressed by the commentators.

They are too rapped up in the conceit of themselves and of the local current politics to offer any worthwhile implement able advice. So far removed from equality and bearing they cause the embitterment to continue as it is another days news.

On a day when a highlight of a FGM was to lambast the PSNI for not prosecuting an MLA for hanging onto the grill on the front of a Police vehicle, name checked always as Land Rover, that Chinese vehicle, instead of admitting there was just cause to stop the progress of the vehicle as it had not forewarned of its actions and that a stupid driver carelessly and criminally drove the vehicle on. The FGM was considerate of the Queen traveling up the Crumlin after visiting the jail this year to see for herself how the Queens highway functioned. The lack of Catholic residents and the briskness or otherwise of trade in the shops would have been eminently thrilling he might have thought. Very important issues for working class and culture defining for the Orange also key to education.
Absurd Commentary
The commentator, another, who regards himself not so much a NUJ member, far too political that but holds the card of as an independant thinker beholden to no one, and an incursion on independent thought, has obliged us with his joy unconfined, well he has one gripe, later, in trouble being absent in 12th Marches.
He misses the point that the clear purpose of the peacefulness of the parades, also missed by the crystal ball gazer, violence ensured practically, how good to be wrong – no harm – except a so called adviser called it before foreigners as a practice of hate to be played out before them. The gripe of the latest commenter not journalist was to demand an apology for the burning of placards of politicians and of terrorists, except he called it burning of flags and election posters.
‘Stop all this nonsense!’ He clearly is a radical thinker and again defuses the main picture admirably, draws a wage and creates a place for the next set of standard renditions taught in the school of mediocrity.
The narrow path
A road home is a road home and any prelatic announcements from bigots has a shameful ignorance of their fellow human being.
When no Offence is given no Offence can be taken.
Ditch the joint Sovereignty
The Orange is possibly defined by a medicoracy led by the Black.

John Graham

14 July 2014