Economics : Jubilee Explanation

Jubilee Explained
People have been asking what is Jubilee and where does it come from.

Just over a year ago – on 14 December 2015 I penned the following words as an adjunct to the words delivered at St Martins in the Field London by
Dr Sam Wells St Martins Sunday Service 14 December 2014

It is based on biblical text and follows things such as the turning over of the moneylenders tables in the Temple and the wrongness of usary.

Clearly it is what is wanted by God of us as Jesus showed.

Here is the straight forward explanation he, Dr Sam Wells, used at St Martins Sunday Service 14 December 2014
It has been extracted by me again and given as inspiration to all.

It was especially addressed at Christmas Time as I have indeed followed by posting earlier this week an account on Economics : Jubilee which brings focus to all other aspects of Jubilee that discussion brings.

It is in our prayer

It is in our times as before
I was fine until I fell into debt
I was fine until I let things smother me

50% of Tower Hamlets children
Live in poverty the average salary
in the London Borough is £50,000
Cheque books have more to do with poverty
The bible shows everywhere within it
Ways of release that Jesus taught us

The times are temporal our forever joy
Never without time we are promised
Perpetual time.
The time we know through God
Perpetual time is my mind brings
Is time in Gods hands does not exist

In life as in death god makes us
Without separation No broken touch
Ever present in other peoples lives
The guidance given for us to receive
Trade and taxes levied on the poor
The poor with reason enough to borrow

Borrow and borrowed are debts trespasses sins
Glimpse followers of Jesus
The Good Samaritan, the prodigal son,
the people of the vineyard all in the presence
in that debt, that sin

John Graham
Isaiah 61

Jubilee appears

Fields lay fallow every fifty year
No accumulation of wealth or debt
In every second generation all is wiped
Everyone went back to square one
The implications simple yet profound
Letting people free from the grip

Of the impossible possibility.
Christian Aid likewise St Martins
The spirit of the Church and Jesus
is upon it from bereavement
from ill health from Broken family lives
the Jesus we follow urged us all

Within his followers comes the vision
of the possible within the impossible
Anointing God you brought Jesus
Into our lives Transforming
God you gave people
Friends in Jesus united

Your spirit binds up the broken
Their relationships their feeling
of being unwanted in a world full of want
That minds can be calmed and clarity
Through Gods gift of Jesus. Bringing hope
Never forget your brother or sister

Never forget your own struggle
Or forget the way you are healed
It is not at once in a vision but in an eternity
It is always there not just about personal redemption
Not just about the human making sense of the world
The world needs no explanation

The world is within us as it is
Outside us the presence
It’s very existence uniting us as one
Knowing the universe is present in all
The ways of the world are Jesus’s way
Gods way to be with you this day and for evermore.

Used in Dr Sam Wells St Martins Sunday Service 14 December 2014