The New Girlfriend : A Film Review

The New Girlfriend
Directed and written by Francois Ozon, based on the Ruth Rendell short story, The New Girlfriend. Cert. 15. 1hr 45min.
Romain Duris, Anais Demoustier, Raphael Personnaz, Isild Le Besco, Aurore Clement, Jean-Claude Bolle Reddat, Bruno Perard, Claudine Chatel, Anita Gillier, Alex Fondja, Zita Hanrot
Along with Lucie the baby.
Nue Plus
The acting skills of Romain Duris as David and Anais Demoustier as Claire play deliciously on relationships in this bizarre interweaving nuanced adaption of a Ruth Rendell story.
It is a rendition sparkling with conundrums with a scenario well crafted in a script by director Francois Ozon who ran this out at Toronto Film Festival having filmed it largely in the ostrich of a place I think of as Canada.

It is an Ostrich given its unmissable brazen hussyness trying hard not to be a part of the world of politics but throwing up many creative folk who themselves struggle and have issues with having their talent on display.
There is a secret which unfolds and I do not give it away here. Suffice to say it carries forward the whole tale as it unfolds from early doors. No it’s not about doors. Inferences, shiny houses, outer space etc. They are not to be found here in narrative rebelling or in implied allegory. The story even is as I say indifferently Canadian for some
Not the greatest analogy but Canada works here.
There are things creative and hidden here. There is a waspishness of getting on with life, what concern is my real life to you anyway.

Opening with the names of the principals, the titles reveal, across the sound of solemn Church Bells then the familar Wedding March played on a Church organ we see this is closure of a young woman’s life we are witnessing.

The reading in the Church, all dark, small aisle, black and white tiles, is given by Claire played by Anais Demoustier who has seen a childhood friend taken away. She tells the gathering of Laura, the posthumous Isild Le Besco appearing throughout in flashback how each vowed from the beginning of their teens to look out for each other. A flashback showing the boyish, bond of blood ute into their palms and co-mingling as a symbol of that vow.

This is told within the first five minutes by this stylish outré vision as is the dynamic sought by Ozon for our entertainment.
Cleverly he takes away our expectations from early on and substitutes a reality which we have to adjust to. An adjustment mainly concerning in effect the woman Claire is. She has a relatively normal well heeled life with an affectionate husband whose love is unremitting and their communications verbal non verbal and physically in love are attuned to a point where they find small things create a needed frisson as time moves on.

Claire has a rediscover of her latent sexuality and it helps fasten her to her ever trusting husband Gilles (Raphael Personnaz) his job though seems to become a third part of their marriage, less so Claire who does not seem to possess either career ambition or child bearing needs.

Centrally the sweeping intro off the setting of Canadian everyland, with two childhood friends gets subverted when her vow becomes the demanding element of her life.

Romain Duris as I said at the outset is part of the mix in delectable relationships as his adjustment to loss is felt even greater than Laura’s and Gilles is sympathetic to her taking on a role of nursing the now reclusive David (Romain Duris) back to himself and through the intense trauma of the loss of Laura. Romain has become a one parent family and his sole helper is the Godmother with the blessing of the grieving parents who have be-quested their wealth in trust for Lucie, the child born to Laura shortly before her passing. They convey the family aspect this film needs as a core focus of expectations.
Romain and Anais are in roles never expected and each produce extraordinary, and that is not too bold a description as they convey the sexual pull and temptations across their intersecting lives.
The Ozon skill is finding normal setting to set in place the characters conditions of bringing up baby.
The baby Lucie has a comment or sense of who she belongs too and in six months the tables turn and the story develops beautifully.
Gilles is in a place where he accepts there is a faith which he has to hold onto with his wife and he does this fully and trustingly.
Away from it all
On a weekend away, for Romain’s second outing with Laura for the sake of his recovery they go to the former mansion where Laura and Claire first met and became friends.
The score is very subtle but it becomes shades of Fredrick Astons Month in the Country with its bliss laden odd beauty. A superb new soprano is given full tilt on our senses and it conjures for us the pleasure of escapism of a kind rarely found or encountered except through the company being perfectly attuned.
The cinematography utilizes the ordinary of Canada and the luxury of Coco Chanel interiors and bizarrely Canadian lifestyle furniture.
It is also extraordinary when the faces, bodies are framed with the costume, under and over exchange community. The revealed flesh is formed in portraiture and sex where found is rhythmically honed to push the buttons of the observer of these lithe bodies.

Conclusion ####4
Not an unfit figure to be seen. Even extras are fit. The drama is perturbing and heart felt as it develops. This is a film held in the characterisations of the three main actors. Romain is adept and convincing while Anais holds the viewer in closest to the Ozon imagined personas. She makes it believable most. Raphael is limited to being a supporting voice but his necessarily under developed role is dealt with as all in customarily intelligence in this ensemble of relationships fashioning of self along with many questions of how many times life produces challenges of ground breaking change.
I love the film throughout for it thoroughness in being firstly French and its complex tale in a setting which ought not to deliver its story yet does with exemplary aplomb. Ozon likes people and likes their dependencies.
He gets the story at about the right level and without over doing it; it has plenty of humour, he makes good humanity’s wider expanses.
It is quite masterly and will become a revisit movie. It will allow watching from time to time as a weathervane. It need not educate but will provide a locality for the freedom to never judge others choices.

Et to see it soon in order you can see it again if you so wish before the end of this new run.

John Graham

19 May 2015


See at QFT from this Friday 20 May 2015
Until it closes on Thursday 28 May 2015.
Go see it is very good melodramatic and idiosyncratic as well as extremely well made!
Might encourage you to go again!
Further credits.

Camera (color, widescreen), Pascal Marti; editor, Laure Gardette; music, Philippe Rombi; production designer, Michel Barthelemy; costume designer, Pascaline Chavanne; sound, Guillaume Sciama, Benoit Hillebrant, Jean-Paul Hurier; re-recording mixer, Jean-Paul Hurier; assistant director, Arnaud Esterez; casting, Antoinette Boulat.

Rosewater : A Film Review

How a Journalist is likened to a Spy
In all consciousness Jon Stewart satirist to Tony Blair turned Film Director took to being behind a camera like a pro.

The guy, JS, has been in front of the camera for so long his instinct for a story and how to tell it for effect is well honed.
His American status is unchallenged as he has become the Daily Digest, distinguishable past the Joe .. Adam .. David … The Brit blow ins etc now sofa couch being delight in viewing.
The subject of this film is in the safety zone of a now returned Journalist, the mercurial Mr Newsweek reporter once a witness to atrocity in Tehran when as a camera man following the 2009 Iranian Elections began on the ground excursions to the outlying Iranian hinterlands hopeful through his own sense of Iran born of Iranian/Canadian parentage and courage of insightful thoughtful journalistic endeavour.

This true story was in better if that can even be contemplated as ‘scalable’ on the atrocities visited to numerous journalists over the past few decades.
They have died. Been beheaded, used as proxy bombers, maimed and their families wrecked through death, harbour, connection over all continents.
The visiting of these lives is from many viewpoint gut wrenching, from the pale waif of a student being buried in the Gaza under tonnes of Israeli bull dozed sand. To the Many vigils of processional death which IsIs use as propaganda on links of current social media.
Satirist Events
Jon Stewart does not get my vote as a satirist of particular gift or insight.
The ability to become greater than a bar-room skeptic and tutored cynic of Politics and the malaise which passes as press documentation has on ya certain hubris when it is engulfed within the morass that is the United States of America junk culture. We got Obama before they did. No wonder kid going to deliver for them any day soon. No we, or some of us thought J.F. Kennedy was a well heeled immigrant with Wexford strains of begohraah tunefully oratating about space while forgetting, Vietnam, white power controls, Corporate greed and Capital supremacy not to mention the embarkations to Communist fields of endeavour.
Real Events
Set in this volatile atmosphere it proves the stakes are very much on the side of the heavily armed as well as politically indoctrinated. The current, that is 2015, governance of Iran depends still on the hypocrisies prevalent with this films central theme. Justice for the World by dominance of authoritarianism. The authoritarianism held down by religious privilege and the pausal reflection given to theology of a kind. Kindness, love thy neighbour do not feature highly in this reinvention of satire.
Gael Garcia Bernal plays Mazier Bahari with the kind of naivity of a rookie journalist. That suits Jon Stewart with the picture aimed at the mainstream of American opinion. The horrors of a place torn apart by – Foreign – intervention is after all not a diet for Cinema unless there is a hero and villain or axis involved of conspiratorial blood thickened waste. The belief being it will sink in that dear old USA has a major hand in it.

The beginning is a domestic scene in London with Mazier cuddling up to his English wife listening expectantly to their pre-born child nestled in a comfortable home with a future unhindered by heavy hits. The possible of danger is not taken for granted. There is at the very beginning. The flash forward except the way I describe it here is the flashback to the arrest In Tehran at his family home after the Elections aftermath.
This is a comedic and piece of nonsensical interrogation undertaken by a Police suspecting, knowing he filmed and distributed with Channel 4 reporter Lynsey Hilvsens assistance, (she is spotted at the location with an eye patch as another TINY piece of directorial hubris for the deceased War reporter – – leaning against a closed gate) as his childhood record collection, his film books, DVD collection is trawled over the opportunity to become jocular is not missed. Some find it funny, even Mazier whose mother is asked to wear a Hijab in her own home. I found that more insightful.

Rosewater of the title is a dual entity.
It is his interrogators code name. It is also the central scent of Iran – it’s Chan(n)el No. 4. The fragrance is an essence.

Conclusion ###
This is a bold reconstruction of events and it is of significance that it is told by Jon Stewart. It opens up and scopes out a way of telling albeit in unconventional, still by comedic harnessed means a part of recent history from which the fallout is immense and of proportions not yet envisages.
Cinematically there are bold intensely emotional scenes and you will see the converse/adverse conditions the Iranian nation finds itself bound into.

The scenes where the ghost of Maziers father chides him; he a former detainee also make for complex personal decisions to be made. The visits to the cell. In fact the film is largely cell based, are destructively as real as can be tolerated visually and by no means as accurate as the reality might otherwise have it. Kim Bodnia (Martin Rohde from The Bridge) plays the interrogator and his performance as all are very we’ll gathered and here Jon Stewart gets the very best tonaly visually, expressively from his collaborators.
The producers also deserve credit.

Well worth seeing this and edited to the criminal political conspiracies and plot stretched stories which are passed of as real spy or conspiracy narratives.

While this is no masterpiece it is heartfelt and broadly challenging. The real Iran though still has no voice.

John Graham


10 May 2015

Paula Bradshaw : Alliance Volte Face to Public.

Manipulate your Public
There is a prospective MP whose idea of morality in Public life is such that it is a discretion. It is able to be held without proper regard for the possible outcomes.
Public Inquiry Lies
That prospective Politician in order to obtain something was willing to set aside rules and in their Public service work set about obtaining the objectives given her by the bureaucrats that she worked for at GVRT it is known as partiality and it was so clear to the Barrister he likened it to a committal or acquittal without regard to the evidence. The refusal of Mr David Dawes of NIHE to provide any Plan except a white sheet being a key obstacle to outcome.

The lie comprising the European Community laws were set aside.
We do not do EU Law when it comes to our Community.
Remember the joint Housing Executive and other tide from which Housing manipulation still flows.

It is all connected in the little vice of obsequiousness and practiced with polite adroitness by thick careerists.
Or perhaps it is not even as complicated as that.
Mere greed propelled for house and home.
Social Cleansing ‘The Village’
To obtain the social cleansing of the Greater Village, which is effectively what the so called regeneration was aimed at – to transform the Village into a smaller and broken up community free from the up to then divisive conditions. So it was achieved?

Yes it can barely be regarded as a community and further divisions have arisen through ethnic segregation. It is still riven with numerous social problems making it as socially divisive as ever yet when you are Social Engineering by ignoring ground rules and principles of analysis you bring on further responses to your duplicitous aims and achievements are thin.

A few better houses do not replace a vital centrifugal community.

It now contains a multiplicity of races but brokers no religious cross community element – with the additions of fewer facilities and ongoing austerity shored up by continued lack of work and educational progress.

Blind Ridicule.
I put it to her party – the Alliance Party – any resemblance between it and the the Liberal version – etc.. – the case of misdemeanor. A response? To steer clear. They probably do not even understand the implications despite their so called equality and no-sectarian broadsheet veil.

To that symbolic party of ‘equality’, to the equivalence of centre ground Politics, that Liberal contrivance, that party now being rejected by the many who bought into the parlous ’emblematic’ middle ground as carpetbagger fags for Tories that is junk political garbage a – has fallen as a stone across GB on the hear/speak/see no evil (except the lock up – get out of my cab) tainted synoptics of useless neo-capitalist hubris.

Courting the next Catastrophic Crash.
The same Liberals the Labour Party now court as possible partners in this weeks outcome for Government. How appalling for the Labour Party to; after the betrayals of Tony Blair whose War mongering and sub worshipping of the Alan Greenspan tectonic display of Capitalist hubris bringing on a two trillion dollar meltdown on the economies based on wider unsustainable Western Capitalism, to be contemplating a further distillation of principle?
How unimaginative is it in reducing debt 25% – around $25 Trilion of it – belonging to China – sloshing around the entire globe.

The Liberals here are the android Alliance Party.
What are they for what do they represent.
Duplicity in the form of saying one thing and doing the other.

When I raised the fact with the Alliance Party their moralist leader or at least their Chief Whip, reckoned that any misdemeanor, if as I alleged is correct, happened outside the party!
Father Ted like ‘that would be an ecumenical matter.‘ Except it is not.
The candidate hold some stock of their ‘achievement’ in the Greater Village. No doubt several are very pleased.
It is if they behave Homer like, preferring to confer to a letter at a time.
Homer published his great works in 24 works after the number of letters he was beholden of.
No the Liberals dissect and make even more distinctions failing to accumulate even a work of effort or exactitude on which to Electioner.

They rely on vowels without the consonants, or vice versa.
According to their ignorance. Never tied to an concatenation they willy hilly carry on as middle sacrementers. Paula Bradshaw is merely representative of it.
They will no doubt remind everyone of the virtues of their own encomium during and after the hustings. How everyone except them are in correction.

Unlawful Surveys
The misdemeanor is Paula Bradshaw conducted surveys within the Greater Village unlawfully by leading the recruitment and the surveyors, residents, in a wholly undemocratic process of Redevelopment survey process and in flagrant breach of European Union directives for surveys of such a nature that require them to be conducted independently to obtain a redevelopment plan.

No not for Northern Ireland? To damn awkward. The bureaucrats do not abide European instruction.

The Alliance Chief Whip reckons it was work carried out for an Employer.
Parties across Britain meanwhile dump or at least have their candidates, party members answer such charges. Then they dump them as liabilities should they not agree with or accept their duplicitous conduct.

If anything was unlawful it should be taken up with the Employer the Chief Whip mindfully suggests. An integrity bypass.
Surely the advice ought to have been to take it up with the Police?

The Employer, the Public ‘Service’ NIO, has enough property related fault lines it is hastening to repair and brush under the carpet without one person facing sanction or prison, not one single person ever facing Court, over large amounts of lost Public money on Housing Executive and DSDNI administered Housing Association failures and Overpayment of Maintenance contracts already in house.

The Alliance says no.
The Alliance Chief Whip obviously has not got a clue what morality is.
Likewise the prospective Parliamentarian who was in another Political Party at the time their handiwork progressed.

Paula Bradshaw has roughly the same job, only it faces more austerity problems, riven as the community is with the Sure Start, Health closures and Education cuts mounting in the GRVT and all adjoining neighbourhoods except pockets of obvious affluence and inure protected peace dominions.
The GVRT keep the words ‘Sure Strart’ up on their windows but it’s long gone as parents will tell you it’s a shadow of its former life.
The Tories promise ‘a comeback’ but it is sure to be a new backward forwards start.
All too easily seen coming down as an association of political negligence.
Still the GVRT houses are, well in some persons eyes, equipped for the future. Have your flags on designated days – but you can’t eat them school of thinking brings some a solution as with flags – temporarily.

Age of De Lorean
It is a shame the inflexibility and layout (’80’s updated) show the true requirements for housing to be nowhere near anywhere met.
Still that’s what manipulated surveys achieve and this is what that demanded.

The Alliance Party are the functionaries of sectarianism allowing it to happen as it suits their finer cloth or mantra of ‘moderation.’
Social division to remain, social inertness to predicate the area. Bingo.
Build a bingo hall. The Alliance don’t do imagination.

Seamus Heaneys Boundary bonding apart
They even buy into third party services allowing your services to be farmed out to corporate business instead of facing it fore-square and dealing with the random pettiness and sectarianism striven policies of the likes of the DUP rival Gavin Robinson whose estate agent – bank manager persona suits his leaders state agent persona whose purpose is that, being a bank manager for GB of the doled out cash and coffer churn.

Alliance may not hold onto the East Belfast seat occupied by Niaomi Long whose latest concerns turn obliquely from animal rights to regeneration of the failed retail mantra. Bring in the German Model. Lidless Lidl or Almost Aldi. Fill the rest of the windows with pictures of shops as wishful thinking retail destinations. Get Van the Cool to shine among the Cypress.

Retail mañana.
That to is symbolic of the local pup sold over the years of Bank corruption and the fact NI no longer has an indigenous Bank.
Have you failed to spot for 800 years Ireland never even had a common currency lest the capitalist analysis provided by the Alan Partridge of consumer politics and Belfast Telegraph submission to retail heaven – the John the evangelist accountant Simpson and Enterprise Minister who presses flesh to obtain meaningful low cost capitalism spot flaws of a bend in the road. Why turn?

Bradshaw ex. Unionist Tory.
Paula Bradshaw when in the Ulster Unionist Party was husting from an apt address in Weavers Court, which a fellow councillor provided as operated as a UUP campaigning hub.

Weaving her way on from the apparent mis-judgement – of joining a party of singular hierarchical sectarian status principally – had become a reason to morph into a Liberal. At least it would fit the curve of ambition if not the know how or moral compass desired. Would it hold out a Polemic worth following? When has a Liberal ever held one?

When has it been ethical or moral to pretend achievement of one kind when a reality is ever clear and apparent which shows the opposite?

When has it been ethically correct to use people to obtain aims for which they are unaware of the consequences while pursuing an agenda which amounts to ethnic cleansing and social engineering?
It is when a Political vacuum sits on your shoulders and a plastic tray of dainty fruit cocktail as a five a day remedy approach occupies your equality agenda. The in tray suggests Health regimes are failing.

So our meat and agriculture produces disease?
So how about a Health agenda?
So crime is rampant? How about prison reform – no thanks?
So Schools are closing and each kid will get their divided school as seen fit?
So the double economy is no longer significant?
So our Political system requires no democracy?
So the Public Servants can act as criminals?
So the Parliamentarians can lie and fail to represent?
So the Politicians can remain hypocrites and liars?

Questions all but if Northern Ireland ever needed truth more it is now not never.

Once in a while the DUP and Sinn Fein axis of Governance range Forward or is it Backward into the path of Alliance neo-liberalism.

Careful with that X Eugene.

John Graham

5 April 2015


AllIance The Backward Hypocrites

Forward Thinking – Clueless and Backward.
To go North Go South. To go South Go North. Or stick.
They are the Sectarian Glue.

Everyone of them a representative of nothingness. Filling a void they construct as the division.
They put it there instead of allowing the extremities of either side expose their own plain lack of values or ethics.
The outcome real political strength parliamentarianism and democracy.
Here the Alliance suggest the Ethics, the Moralities.
Consider their position on these issues if you need convincing they are the sectarian glue not the Alternative.
They never were.
Jo Grimond? Shetlands urbanite. Thorpe. Steel, Ashdown, Clegg.
Advancement impossible, Allies of none.
The Non Alliance – the Dividers. Counter intuitives.
Celebrated politicians foe change such as Roy Jenkins were at the fore front of advancement for
many human rights now taken for granted as were the charitable founding fathers of the Health Service.

They were Socialists.

The Liberal Party advanced little in the Modern Age and have been a failure up to and including the latest
morphic transformation in coalition.
Liberal is not Neo – politics it’s zero politics.
Their arrogance is outstanding. Ethics and Morality on the other hand are to be found in Parties with
People and the Environment in mind.
PBP and the Green Party.

Take a look at these issues.

David Ford.
Issues ignored and advanced – you determine which.
Equality and Human Rights – it’s Northern Ireland
We Alliance do not do the above.
Abortion Rights – 1967. I am no Roy Jenkins.
Civil Marriages. I as Minister will decide for you.
Resettlement of Paedophiles I as Minister decide, one location.
Third Party Prison Services on the cheap, sell out.
ROI stop, I as Minister carry on regardless.
They improve you fail.
Pander to greed. Fail the failed.
Destroy progress. Money fest for private service.
and remove the possibilities of reform of prisoners.
Provide Kincora No. Provide Church investigations?
Peace versus disclosure. One but not the other?
Whose country? GB or ROI or yours? None decide.
Two communities. Twice the U-turns. Sick.
Provide a Police Force? Provide Investigation?
M16 lawlessness. NIO means no. Cover up.
Business cartels and Public Service corruption ignore.
Taxes – what Taxes. Rates – What rates. Vat – Spend.
Speeches frequent, accomplishments infrequent.
Out of Office plus change?
Niaomi Long.
Own doorstep Kincora – twice around the Villiers
bush twice around the maypole? Local Politicians ignored.
Done what? You tell me?
East Belfast in the worst of worst limbo.
Pass the sick bag. Last heard re-electioneering.
Living off others accomplishments with Public Sector.
Stephen Farry.
Education on reduced resources. 3rd level take’s most.
70% of budget? so let’s reduce it further set up third party
Universities even get them designed externally.
No students Unions, no housing provision, no jobs.
Zero hours are OK so are student fees big them up.
Technology pays, provide the Corporates with Brain food.
Tear up curriculum on Teaching. Empty of vision?
That will be your Minister. No ideas is the Farry way.
Living Wage what’s that. Let’s subsidise the middle.
Ignore the workers. ‘Stem’ it for the corporates.
Here’s the keys to the Schools, Colleges and Universities.
Anna Lo.
Feng Shui the furniture. Forget the poles.
Protect and survive. Ignore the Sectarian it provides power.
Perpetuate division through development as you wish.
Segregation is our aim, races, tribes, colours, religions.
Rich, poor, unemployed, students we do them all.
Demean and survive. Hypocrisy duplicity a gift we pass on.
Frequent flyer. What achievements and for who?
Wing it, don’t bring it.
Paula Bradshaw Last time the UUP were wonderful out of Weavers Court.
Social Engineering special skills. Teaching provided.
Use unlawful means for Community Survey.
Hypocrisy, duplicity a gift we pass on.
Sham Public Planning Inqiures a speciality.
Divide and disintegrate. Do sectarianism a favour.
Demolish and destroy. Provide reduced housing.
One size fits all. Waste, materials, embodied energy.
Bring Bingo, Booze, Bookies, Bunting.
Community Garden? Military, Criminal whatever you want.
Sure Start not mine but we’ll close it anyway. Women?
Want the eighties? We’ve got it, we do it.
Feminism get stuffed. Try life insurance.
Dentists, Doctors Schools we’ll break them up.
Less Schools means more travel, get a Car.
Job provision. Zero. I’ve cost more than most.
New ideas. None. Unbelievable. Duplicity a speciality.

I could go on but these are the apparent key personalities and each of you will be familiar with their contributions as rinsed by the Press and the Agencies looking to destroy the extremes they created and to a large extent owe their own survival. Not much is new but the truth is they fashion nothing for society.
My class. No class. Try a fruit salad. Pineapple.

John Graham

14 April 2014


Cobain : Montage of Heck : A Film Review

Dir. Brett Morgen, USA, 2015, 2hr 12mins. Cert. 15.
Mood Intensities
Providing you have been a witness of the demise of innovation in music with its lost prophets Jeff Buckley, Tom Petty, Patty Smith, all reminders of the angst Garage bands of Americas wasted middle class promises, you will be aided to this scroll of devastation.

Banked is the music. Since Never Kurt Cobain choose his mix-tape after which this Brett Morgen named this long form documentary, for private consumption in the lead up to the composition of his own mental mixtape Neverland, it signaled intent if not direction. Never mind the Bullocks he scrolled. In the middle. Obscure local and lauded homies see the fillers radical and loudness overspill might liven a party on Wayne.

The opening of the film is instinctive at the heart of the machine. The filled stadium gig. Cemented as the like of festivals of summer, even the past lore of Reading Festival, over which the latter presence of his wife at the edge of deaths wormhole. Courtney Love laments at one point failure to fulfill a summers presence there. Brett takes us on stage with a mock bewigged KC gets into the stage prop wheelchair while the crew take him to centre mike.
Rumours of his demise are therefore both qualified and expanded.
Party on Wayne again. A familiar song then he collapses.

100,000 or so disappointed and embroiled in his familiar exposure and posture egos fighting for supremacy.
Hard Rock and MTV
The commodity rock became was pervasive with Geffen/Sony Records thrusting the tours deals and churn of money with many punters buying up their identities simulacra. They had grown up on the same thing as Kurt and scribbled in the narrow feint notebooks ‘rock’ songs. Rent the cartoon brio gestural head monster of eating your neighbours pet tarantula or daughter for domestic sinful willfulness toreador reasons. Games are us letting down as their ‘Stagecraft’ or escapism sexist misogynist ‘Game of Thrones’ banter tamashanter. Brought from the Celtic isles by their forefathers. To be replicated centuries later in fantasy and Dark Hedges moons later for their consumption.
Brett Morgen taps into the family archive from the beginning to give this very short creative life an impact deserving of screening and hearing accounts of. The mumsnet tale of safe housekeeping and child rearing is how it began in hopefulness.
Aberdeen, Washington State was a logging Mill town where ‘all our kids just loved growing up.’ Wendy Cobain explains while relating her downhill breakdown to alcohol dependency. Donald Cobain was a proud Everyman a Buddy Holly like easy going man so neither was aware of the intervention of the onset of genetic collision which firstly had them quack visit.
Kurt was born into a loving environment with few wants not satiated. He had so much he was inclined to generosity and giving things back or recirculating his joy.
The world could not have been simpler.
Along came other kids into his family world though and motherly affection was drawn in to provide at least rational boundaries.
Primal Teen
Intervention was sought when the hyper Kurt began acting out on siblings without warning and internalised rage. Quack saw the whites of his eyes flicker like a pinball machine and the creative forces were motoring alongside the destructive ones looking for bits of the same road.
Wendy went into a downhill mental health state and Donald could not handle and here Brett Morgen indulges in crap animation to tell a family story of destruction. The whole family have trials of dealing withe the now unhinged kid Kurt. Most times it is rejection. So persists pain and the director cuts in the appearances of nascent creative work while dropping in the Kurt sexual exploitation of loosing his virginity also a cartoon.
Sans judgement or analysis of any meaningful kind.
Kurt Cobain had awoke to a caldron of Mayhem. Less Heck as Montage but fuck this is mental.
Garage face the wall
The triumph leads to him becoming even further isolated with him facing the wall in the Garage ‘bandroom’ and along with Seattles finest. Did Bill gates ever doorstep the dude? And other MTVs bands ever feel so less in control less commodified?
Metallica and Lynyrd Skynyrd are headliners and fellow nineties successes. Novoselic even compares their Hard Rock credibility.
Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer to ’74 Robert Burns Jr. (64) died on Friday last when his vehicle left the road at midnight on a Carsonsville bend hitting post-box and tree in a single vehicle accident. His Florida band were from an earlier era but fed the road Kurt Cobain, drummer David Grohl, (who only makes the briefest of statements – usually for a media channel in this film) bassist Krist Novoselic travelled as they were masters of the American mindset before Nirvana ever went near trying to re-root the rock and roll formula. Gimme three. Sweet Home (hole?) Alabama, – don’t forget these were Jacksonville art types of Southern indulgent rock!. Then Free Bird.
Interspersed with the early years footage are indulgent, not entirely or wantonly KCs doing, analogy essays of animation and wordplay association which are innumerable and interminable.
Keep OUT the Langers as they say in Kork
The collection is famous in any case as are the analysis so why the Director bothers and does not stick to the new archive opened is testimony to an indulgence. All looking good for an Anton Corijn photo shoot. Pinning the tail on the donkey which is shown as a family home movie is more telling of the intervention.
(Kids – it’s easy to memorise where the adults put the poster up by the pins in the corner so drag your knuckles Frankie and go stick it!)
No one knows too much going into a film about, Billie Holliday, Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson or their web of drug regression and repression but still get to respect and share the struggles they internalised up to a point of caring they are restored something less prurient and indulgent as a directors cut.

It is no where near the stratospheric realism the life despite its unreal narrative – they are frequently interviewed repeating answers to the inanity of its locality, to be the last word on a brief firefly of a life.
Novoselic constantly pick out for Kurt Cobain the insufferable. He shields often the media necessary and despised and the overreactions, any reactions, to most puerile ranting or fettle ring rage or jealousy are commonplace.

We see these as ‘representative’ but those knowing are aware through diaries of the over sensitivity Kurt Cobain carried and tried to quash with huge qua ties of commercially potent and well sourced narcotics he flailed in internal rage and written word, so much less capable due to the stage he had reached, than anything that may have recreated further as john Lennon or Bob Dylan epitomised for Rock and Art expression .
Conclusion ### 3
This is a difficult film to harness as it exposes as much of the Directors take on the history of a very brief life and gazes into it using unnecessary devices which themselves are a mixtape.
The boundary between the authors own and Kurt Cobain’s work is infuriatingly blurred and the consequences are not insignificant to reading the story of the man. Even those familiar with what is original work and what is a plain piece of inane animation can discern and make out which is which but the letters rising off the page is pathetic directorial bile.
Many photomontages are brilliant. The frames are beautiful at times and the rare home footage insightful but rare has context been so insipid.
Had he been in an era which was less consumerist? Suddenly the 27 years pick up and theories appear and I have seen enough to seek out the songs of pre-1988 say and forget with having continual regret we never heard a change or found a way to indulge this talent to the foremost directions which a less damaged conscious might have explored. Art is never without its extent of madness not overcome but in faith assured it is characteristically abundant and filled to overflow when painters, classicists, designers, dramatists expose those parameters know to mere attuned minds and senses.

Kurt Cobain was and will be a constant fixed part of that eras cosmos and through time may be acclaimed as new people learn through the likes of this small narrative film of the symbolic American Everyman.

John Graham

9 April 2015


Opening at QFT Belfast on Friday 10 April 2015.

There will be a pre-screening talk by OU lecturer Marcus Smith
on Sunday 12 April 2015 @ 8.15pm.

Closes on Wednesday 15 April 2015 with Saturday and Sunday matinee performances and screenings


Then the conspiracy begins.

Easter Safety in Belfast

City Centre Opening and Closing Times for Bars Theatres,Clubs.
Belfast Telegraph April 7 2015) ‘Safety fears for City a Centre
Respectfully there is concern by Declan Boyle of the SDLP for the man in his fifties whose early Easter Sunday attack injuries were extremely severe with him ‘battling’ for his life as the Belfast Telegraph page two article conveys.
We learn (Belfast Telegraph April 7 2015) ‘Safety fears for City a Centre‘ of the incident in Belfast City Centre and the fact there are continual incidents some also grave at the junction of Donegall Place, Castle Place and High Street at a food outlet open 24/7.

The Councillor it is reported is quoted as saying. ‘This part of the town has been well-known as a trouble spot as people gather there late at night. ‘While I don’t knowthe quote from SDLP Councillor, Declan Boyle goes on, ‘ if drink was a factor in this incident,’ clearly true, ‘broadly speaking when large groups of people gather like this at this time of night,’ the reported time in the Belfast Telegraph is 12.30am. ‘then they have been drinking and trouble can occur unfortunately.’ More quotes follow from the Councillor continuing with an appeal for witnesses to come forward with him sincerely wishing the man recovery.
It is apparent the Police Service have not been a significant enough presence in this very central location to deal and control behaviours and also the SOS bus service etc. having its voluntary services curtailed is presumed to be another factor in Safety and Care. Every wish is held for the speedy and fully recovery of the injured. Other less reported incidents are most likely to have happened over the weekend.

The DUP Councillor Brian Kingston is alive to the fact.
It follows on from last weeks reports of Belfast having returned to a place where it is found unsafe to socialise regardless of the Councillors wishes for its ‘reputation’. The footage of a Bars increases in some areas and will get to have more dominance within the City with concentrations of populous in certain quarters. The eight quarter coming to the Council who can’t add up.
Except when it comes to pretentious rhetoric.

This is an act of violence perpetrated in our town at a time when many places are on the point of closing or when the clearing up process and transport connections, food outlets are at the peak of activity. With ‘Easter’ times of opening being different than other weekends it is probable the use of the public spaces is intensified.
Inadequate Policing
The Council have a close proximity of responsibility as in towns elsewhere in the UK they are paid for by the Local Authorities.
Here the problem might be the Police themselves becoming the target, so what do you do? You have to disperse the problem and close down excesses. Several layers of responsibility exist and need connected.

Responsible alcohol consumption is a recurrent theme of the reactionary Radio Programmes as are the feelings almost of helplessness when we hear of the loss of life on the Roads. This another seemingly helpless prospect.

On Northern Ireland’s Roads? City and Country?
Neither need be as the modification – albeit requiring severe measures.
Speed restrictions after dark can be implemented in rural as well as in City localities. Blackspots can have night only warning signs. Road conditions can be dealt with to their FULLEST road worthiness. There are numerous things to be done. A speed limit ‘A reducing by TEN’ scheme for night driving. Tardiness for Regional Development needs purged.

Those are but some. Speed and an amalgamation of factors not normally aligned could catch many out. Stray animals, deer, etc. All need to be thought through. The overtaking rules for night need revisted. Overtaking -double lights?

Far more easily can alcohol regulation and socialising normalities adhered to or adjusted for. The SDLP Councillor is one landlord among many whose idea of Student housing is that known as HMO’s which he has exploited to cram as many into houses once family homes and destroy as a consequence the balance of neighbourhoods.
Still it’s there. The saturation overcrowding is plain to all.
Houses of a Multiple Hypocrisy
Sponsored by MLAs and Councillors.
The fact is these HMO’s or Houses in Multiple Occupancy have as a pattern virtually no socialising space and a very small kitchen. The spaces are not there whether the students would like them or not.

They are in the two or three storey versions large enough for parties but the bigger ones have perilously more stairs and access with dangers of fire an obvious higher risk element.

They all have a miniature kitchen if not a full house share in the former let things principles, ie. not the sitting round a table even eating together scenario. No these are HMO’s where the exercise is cramming and pre-loading is a frequent flyer like a four by four.

That and the behaviours which the Councillor does not want ‘a safe place to visit’ reputation sullied becomes a farcical position for him to take given the Holylands St Patrick Days experiences year on year.
This years a near return to the bad old days.

One year the SDLP MP came out after a spate of people running up and down car bonnets to admonish students for their boorish behavior only to learn it was students cars being damaged. He sat on his hands while the Holylands got the run over with HMOs meanwhile.
The Universities Place
The Vice-Chancellors of Queens and Jordanstown may come and go, Lord Mayor this and Lady Major that come and go but the recycling of problems is continual. Demolish a festival why don’t you not build or focus on it.
MLAs are equally as useless as the Assembly has been in properly addressing neighbourhoods problems. Even the rubbish spills are not as the fancy brochures claiming reducing due to gating they are getting worse. Fact.
The University groups now assign Student Housing (private landlords now have at least 4 Social Housing sites as gimmes for Student without the safeguards of UK standards or any versitality and mix including within established neighbourhoods, with properly mandated standards)
Students Union Facilities (there is to be no Students Union in the New Uni. In Central Belfast) can you believe that. Not only is the a Education becoming Long – distance Learning, threatening the Education of youngsters with zero Hour jobs out of zero hours lectures? Here’s your course suck it up and don’t meet on the Union or you something of your fellow students may rub off. Societies now where are they to be held.
What spaces do they normally use?

Compelling Brazilian Bacon.

So what is it needs to happen?

Act like a proper City. Plan with respect and not according to whose paying for the Electoral Parties largesse.

You need to get the priorities right instead of soapbox politics seen for all its gestural loathsome articulation as mere hypocrisy.

Do something with effect.

John Graham

7 April 2015


Art : A Collaborative Monument

Örn Alexander Ámundason & Lof Nimar
3rd to 29th April 2015

Shown at Platform Arts Studio Belfast.

The two artists from Reykajavik, Iceland and Hjo, Sweden respectively, on October 28 2014 set up a collaboration from their respective studios in Malmo and Reykjavik for Belfast based local artists and identical twins Karen and Claire Gibson to participate in a live performance.

The aim was to have the Gibson sisters to read a letter of simple instructions and directions as the sat separately at flat drawing tables with a white A1 drawing sheet laid out in front of each of them and await verbal instructions while under live camera linked observation from the young Swedish and Icelandic Artists. After reading the simple instructions both right handed artists read and put aside the letter shortly before commencing. The letter observed they would be at times in receipt of contradictory instructions with both receiving the same verbal instructions simultaneously.

They commenced the collaboration.

The Gallery published an exhibition visitor information sheet fror the resulting exhibition. The Platform page shows a plan of the finished arrangements and the location of streams of video and audio.
The lighting arrangements are apart from diffused light from two windows entirely artificial.

See the Platform arts website and Platform Arts April June Newsletter for additional information and openings etc.
It notes the visiting artists websites and

It begins –
Some say that collaborations need leadership. Is this true? Or is it possible to collaborate in a completely non-authorative, equal way and still manage to reach your goal?

This response to the exhibition is entirely unconnected and not a collaboration of any kind. It is fictitional as an observation mechanism.

When words attributed as scripted by Olof, Õrn these are also fully fictional nor actually a record of which said what or any order of instruction.
It is possibly indicative of the process which has already taken place.

The monument is in existence. The process is present.
No illustration or words are part of the exhibition or attributed and so are isolated from it.
Session. Run that past me again. Does the meeting of the times come across as historical enough?
Nicholas. It seems so from what there is initially.
Look at the field has it it been turned?
Session. It has disappeared. No trace.
Take a line from the brush and make it Sunglasses.
Karen drew first then Claire. It was less obvious to Olof why Örn wanted this. The glasses Claire quickly followed in drawing were ambitious of sun.
Örn put into his composition a bridge, his nose draw an m. A peak Olof thought. Each poke erasing this and that. Örn wanted a circle as did Olof
Fill one one said.

Session. Did he say which side? Where? Yes said Nicholas. The one Olof asked for, he instructed be filled. Claire filled hers with circles. Small ones, you know the ones becoming the bowl of green marbles under the toothbrush? Well those are how they sat on the table facing the West wall.

But the Solar Eclipse set in the East? Session asked Nicholas.
It’s represented by the Sunglasses placed in the West wall this Edison wanted. We set this up in Belfast don’t forget so the Sun was rising there.
That galaxy is often beset with the weather pattern delicately pulled at short speed as it does not travel in time very quickly on its own terms.
Edison should have been clearer. His little entertainments are the stuff of entering the gaseous extermination zone. Don’t forget these ancient gases they exist in are rarities and playing with them is only possible as lhe has dominion over the andromeda there.

The sunglasses kept out the rays of the Sun and they turned two lights into the Sun Moon as what they call metaphors. So they repeated the Moon twice? Session asked. Yes the drawing Claire produced was gas turned into water so Olof thought and he turned it into the Metaphor for liquid contained in Glass. Then the set designer could not keep them together because these primitive ‘marbles’ they call them had no electrons despite the potentiality of the gas and light the people themselves carried.
Sometimes the set was empty and the place chilled.
They went into a glass bowl on the table. Nicholas told Session.
And the two women were they in sink with this? Did they challenge any of this. No said Nicholas. They were sensible enough as collaborators to explore the process from the letter on the basis of the absent quality Edison believes we need to reform.
How encouraged is Edison?
I have yet to look back but he wrote this note I have in front of me.
Remotely recite it I don’t want to hear it directly.
You mean right now Nicolas asked?
” the siblings are representative right brained about eighty or ninety percent. They were impressively different despite their genetic bond. They are very direct and inside the message once it is switched onto that art characteristic which seems to drive them as if they want experiences as well as reflecting experiences. They hold little fear once engaged.
The moons was the strangest part of it. I never realised or forgot the absence of knowledge of the young ones. They had just of course been distracted by the poorest auroras in their short lifetime so hadn’t looked up more than a thousand times that day.

The Moon became the M as metaphor which I forced on them as an instruction and told Oran to remove the false light bulb. He had strayed off message but I looked back at the footage, they have a recording which coincides with the memory bank I also looked at. The travel was a little arduous for them as they are only beginning to speed up their ascent into the art made outside the confines of experience. Even the sleep patterns were shortened and they argued to assert the collaborative context in preparation without noticing. They poked so much at the floor it became white in their installation.
I made I two and two collaborators. I had the set designer find his own way and though helped the four collaborators operated under recording and used data and paper devices to create drawings so the pencil maker, sight and sound artists are not for art works seen as internal. The foley artist is a good example as they cannot know if people will listen to their work or if the subtitles are enough. Oran and Olof direct, Karen and Claire interpret and invent the drawings which are the material record. The four of them had no idea how manipulated it has been. They don’t have to think of the eight moons and the Passover of the post production. It has spanned the last two moons and the eclipse was seen by many in the galaxy who looked back on it ands stood out side the light years.
Water featured between them which does not help.

The place and the population formed the third pair with a very sparse reaction to the art as it was beyond most in lots of ways. The ones I see developing it are the four collaborators first but first I see the line they produce hard to travel. The set was flawed the way it normally is and it had several levels which may occur in if the water returns. I looked at the reactions and central was the talk about and around it.
The public space it created was on the road to Damascus. The Palms were not there. The nearest became the brush. It hung over the seventh moon. The West wall thing was interesting as that provided the White of the Sun and the Black of the Moon both the same size.
The West wall was also without a perspective. The wall was uniform height.

Into the space the population passed under the M and some jumped and leapt. Some stood in the line of the Sunglasses on the East windows. They were almost taken way way back. They looked back at the black and white circles. Some lined up with the circles creating the Solar eclipse without a thought. They stood near the North water feature which some drank from. They withdrew sometimes and then went back onto the white floor.

The walls ran out on paper and the space remained black behind it.

The art was connected again by more collaboration, the seventh and eighth moons I initially thought were not connected and the population I initially thought were alone as the seventh.

That for now is not true. The eight is the population who are outside reading and never to be found near their ‘do.

The art of ‘the path, ‘the way, is nearly always within a split second of discovery and when discover happens it is gone again. The collaborators are easily closest to this art being fullest of the electrons passed out and those who jump are often lost and luck can be were and when they land or the time they spend in darkness. The set worked out this time as it was full of metaphor and the signals we’d made were accepted so fast it seems the flow at that time was energised by the moon exploration which was on the minds of the galaxy for a long time. It was outside the art which also seems to prove the explanation was never clear and the artists are the ones who wanted and in these formations aware of quarks and the split second connection is pivotal. It is so fleeting though it only lasts a billion years and a new golden age may swim back to us.

What became of these words?
Existence, Supernatural, Coincidence, Pattern, Thought, Truth, Nature, Universality, Philosophy, Materiality, Future, Forgoten, Metamorphic, Generic, Experimentation, Extensionalism, , Spirituality, Inspirational.
Are we all done with these?

Collaboration is everywhere and as the exhibition shows it in the confines of Art to be difficult and the realities are shifting.

John Graham

4 April 2015 (7th Moon)

The seventh, the population. The eighth, the population.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya : A Film Review

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
Director : Isao Takahata Japan 2013
2hrs 17mins. Cert. U.
For matinees at QFT on Saturday 11 (3.25pm) and Sunday 12 April (3.15pm) the English dubbed version will replace the original Japanese with English sub-titled version shown at all other times.
There will be a pre-screening talk given by Laura Shearer, Film Blogger, on Saturday 4 April at 6.00pm.
Story telling in Long form Cartoon
This is a tale of discovery. Set a child down in front of it without them able to understand language, subtitles or the mixture of both with an English version thrown in and for two hours they will be mesmerised.

Albeit very confusing to see a child grow into a juvenile, be taken from what seems like a paradise and to see them proudly develop opportunities such as skills with music they could relate to the grim Lady hired teacher of all things proper. At every opportunity Takenoko (the name meaning L’il Bamboo) refuses to be Bidden by the Lady of her parents choosing. This Governess is caught between the post and the willfulness of the child.

The kids will relate to this. They may find the halting nature of the progress and attainment of happiness and may recall and miss the rural bliss left very much behind after Takenoko has become nearly woman.

One part of this Japanese animation directorial dynasty is Seventy Three the other Seventy Nine.
They give us a vision of indescribable Japanese culture. It assumes the form of the simplest graphic. Such that two dimensions seems a moving book opens in front of you.
The sweep of a pen lovingly held just so on the page where it is not word as Kipling choosing … don’t look too good .. Watch the things you gave our life for … of the story travels.
Miyazaki, who directed Spirited Away and studio’s acclaimed chief, retired last year, at 73, with his ninth and final film The Wind Rises.
Drawing it out
Takahata’s time at 79 do the same arrives to this extraordinary painstaking animation drawn as an exquisite allegory for Japanese minimalism which I discovered in the Japan Exhibition some decades past in the British Museum compellingly exotic.

As mythical and as maddening as any Irish Lore
Around the same time I was considering how Yeats was drawn to No theatre and what that said about the theatre of Ireland as well as contemporary Beckett plays.
Did we citizens of the world recall through minimal line and mythological thanks portrayed to a creation we so fragile hold? Yes. The escape into imagination is ours to perceive.
Isao Takahata the renowned Director finds here the tradition of Studio Ghibli’s animation technique as ancient scroll-painting coming to life in water painting as a fusion of air and balance of colour and line.
Put over as charcoal it becomes recognition of our carbon, the human element of these sketches.
The mystical properties of the story are very evident. Even in the final act. The narrative is serious and altogether on the fine line between sadness and acceptance.
The charcoal emanates from the willow bamboo an internal minutiae seldom visited. The evocation of landscape also brings memory of forest smells.
The willow is, I call it whittling, cut to reveal not a point but an inhabitant.
Our Jonathan Swift is Lilliputian and visceral complexities – this is instead 10th century fable.
Has it moral and folkish lore?
Out of the bamboo the whittler finds a naid to be taken home to his family home. The Mountain from which the Bamboo is drawn has but a short time to provide and a decade is required once a harvest by the population is gathered in. Those ten yars occupy the middle segment and the Mother and Father recreate for themselves, selflessly in the midst of their new surroundings some representations of the old life.

The parents are endearing and also confounded by what this peculiar world they are encouraged into developing as though given instruction from the Heavens.

They are unquestioning.

The children find the earth full of things which renew whereas the uh obtainable is how the wider world sets out its goals. Takenoko sets a task once the skills and assertiveness of her life takes hold.
That is in order to have someone win her heart which is the dearest wish of her family and the city expects she puts out a call impossible to answer but the elitist suitors overwhelmed in expectation of the hidden love of The Princess go forth on the task.

The kids have seen it all before in many a movie and cartoon. The floundering of adults in pursuit of the impossible and the inevitable volte face in failure.

But is it learning and why is it the insistence of The Princess who surely knows their is that thing called love to be satiated.

There the foundling becomes Takenoko who within a very short period identifies as a fully grown Princess.

Discounting thus rural bucolic existence as being her real life or natural home she veins to observe otherness laying beyond this majority view of Japan.

So what Japan do we see?
What psychology of Japan rises above the personal?
What authority of restraining the personal growth Takenoko is privy to there in the space frame of this illusory vestage of Japan’s primary pathos and art form. The format of Scroll enveloping the No dynasty of story telling in fable as religious instruction.
Variously within this genre is encountered all of Japan’s life. It’s corpuscles amphibious then earthen and token pots mathematical guile as form arrested on geometry.
Pots are formidable excelling art trusting in simplification as domestic, well what is it rectitude, certitude, alacrity, hubric control?

That is an entire subject 73 and 79 year olds are familiar in exhausting but not running low on cabling their story driven creation of illusory cultural landscape.

The pen fades out the image of landscapes as they escape from or reach to the edges of Cinematic frame. It is reduction in cerebral thinking brought to make space for another non realised or unseen presence.

Where Gilbert and Sullivan feared to venture with their Mikado Emperor, looking like a Seventies power dressed pirate here, in the attempt of the Honoured family who take their dared for charge to the city begin to find
Takahata put back the child into the Princess whose rejection of the material forms advanced by city and patronage as her beauty revered and sought becomes burdensome is curated Japan in the animator a hands.

Takahata requires and sees this water level tunnage.
The under cut line of human the frog eye cut by a sight line we know – when we observe it split by the horizontal – it has both in mind.

Two parts to us Takahata’s us that is here imparted through timeless skilful animation.

Only animation could show this flourishing as Takenoto becomes a custodian of flowers for the life makers here prescient ancient creators planting her in minutiae along with the dreams to fulfill it are not dream archers but come to retrieve the life lived once the dream has another form to return her to her true will. The return to childness forever – Buddas are Indian and the Angel’s Christian emblematic symbols some are familiar with in these allegories.

I find this aspect of glory very wishy washy – all the films colour has gone – the new moon (and on 4 April 2015 a seventh appears!!!!!) is benign and over white and and primarily tiresome.

The world is not only screamingly beautiful in so many contexts – not this one – we manage not to see, the image of arrows as flowers penetrating solids or what lies next to the bedrock of trolls and goblins harvested in greater and more formidable accounts. The likes of Brian Cox need do the kids a programme on this one or Matthew MaConaghy explain how he manages to traverse the wormhole or black hole of whatever it is he finds in space outside his space suit in ‘Interstellar’.

Other Narnias are available as are quasi religious symbiotic attempts at national analysis fastened to cultural expression.

The immersion is acceptable but without the ability to feed the senses the Japanese themselves are advantaged in staging their exploration of their gathered historical collections are we westerners ever likely to presume anything other than a cursory appreciation.

Configure. Go figure.

Conclusion ### 3.
It is a shape shifting movie in the sense it is splendidly harnessing a genre of which there is no equivalent. It is beautifully and evenly rendered throughout and sees us disappear for a while going along with its long depredation of a life long tale. It encompasses the entire ‘universal’ life of Takenoko – variously L’il Bamboo, the Princess of Kaguya and we spend quality time with her lovely parents.

We also learn crafts never dreamt of and the axiomatic of beauty in the simplest forms of nature as well as the most complex unknowns we encounter and appear to ignore that concept of for our immediate gratification. The splendid rendering is what acts as a cohesive form and in the story is to be found many meanings some inpenetratable and some no doubt traditional faithfully held forms of expression/belief.

Be careful you seek some prior story heads up if you intend to have it as children’s cartoon entertainment. Or use it to ask them what it’s all about.

But don’t be daft.

John Graham

3rd April 2015



The following is useful for kids show times though a child’s ticket price is not advertised or is it?!

For matinees at QFT on Saturday 11 (3.25pm) and Sunday 12 April (3.15pm) the English dubbed version will replace the original Japanese with English sub-titled version shown at all other times.
There will be a pre-screening talk given by Laura Shearer, Film Blogger, on Saturday 4 April at 6.00pm.

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Wild Tales : A Film Review

Animal moralities.
6 linked films written and directed by Damián Szifron;
Director of photography, Javier Juliá; Music by Gustavo Santaolalla; production design by Clara Notari; costumes by Ruth Fischerman; produced by Hugo Sigman, Pedro Almodóvar, Agustín Almodóvar, Esther García and Matías Mosteirín; released by Sony Pictures Classics. In Spanish, with English subtitles. Running time: 1 hour 54 minutes.
This is off the clock face
Forget the mores of life as lived in relatively civilized times.
The daybreak hours spent twisting and turning over the compass you use and the nighttime curfew of the soul before the deep sleep takes you into any surreality you may obtain or embrace.

This film embraces the Wild tormented animalistic side of what some people may do when an emotion goes as I say ‘off the clock face’ it is a sextet of monstrous bizarre primordial tales of the unexpected conceived and played for us with amazing brilliant extra tic verberance.

Be prepared to be shocked half a dozen times and then multiply each internal narratives nerve tangling, jarring, comedic black spots and violence aplenty. Be prepared for the metaphors to pour onto you from the shattered glass. Stacked and starred into fragments I seems to one thread each of the otherwise completely separate stories needs to expose our nerve ends.

What a start.
Before the initial credits have arrived we have a story already told. It is superb and from the get go ‘remark’ “do I get air miles with this ticket?” or something of that ilk at the Argentinian airport lounge – it’s all beautifully Spanish in language and coloring.
Shiny bonnets and gloss faced sun kissed with drenches of mostly radiant heat.
Film One. ‘“Pasternak” with : Dario Grandinetti (Salgado), María Marull (Isabel) and Mónica Villa (Professor Leguizamón).

The first story is a group who have never met, meeting at the behest of a former acquaintance they have shared. One or two of them sharing significant relations with the invitee then there are others with a less touching aquaintance. High helped model Isabel (María Marull) is the one who makes the enquiry at the airport departure lounge and she saunters down the aisle of the half full aircraft. She strikes up a conversation after take of and well the plane kicks off into mayhem.
That’s all you are getting out of me! The playing of the actors is full o black comedy, peril and jeopardy with plausible backgrounds implausiblely knitted int a picture of human nature gone ‘of the clock’.

Off the Clock.
I am getting used to this phrase. It’s like a car which has much more than the dial n front of you admits too. It is as humans we are capable of much, much more than the sterility and civilised constraints might decide on our fates disposal or our internal imagination would have resigned to as a moral compass. Off the clock in a Spinal Tap squared way. This is just way beyond a set of frameworks.
####+ 4.Primordial Madness. Up there and may spoil this years holiday if you plan flying.

Polymorphic Kaleidoscopic
Film two. “The Rats” with : Rita Cortese (Cook), Julieta Zylberberg (Moza) and César Bordón (Cuenca).

Rita Cortese and Julieta Zylberberg are Spanish roadside diner workers plot who encounter a diner late at night when their are just idly wishing the wet night to turn the clock to the closing hour. It is a vast empty car-park of a transport cafe. The tumble weed has even gone to rest.

The kitchen is a culinary wasteland with most food packed away and into this scene comes a man from the past. Into it further down the narrative his son turns up off the municipal bus from which he alone alights.
###+ 3. Fright factor low but tale wise and not served cold.
Film three. “Road to Hell” with : Leonardo Sbaraglia (Diego) and Walter Donado (Mario).
Chris Rea had something other than this in mind with his tuneful look at driving alone can do to the mind. This is a molehill turning into an erupting volcano. In fact it would have been no surprise to see the reprise of Mount Croscat, is that one? Take out the road and the road bridge which is and arch too far. The acting and directing in this piece alone is worth the ticket price believe me. The ratcheting up of the opposing forces and their extent of anger is practically unbounded. It is dynamic contorted and black.
##### 5. This is a sock full of stones in which a bruising encounter shows up masculine boundaries set off the clock. None makes sense but the ratchet is the central instrument of this duet of the Sagra to Cayrette road trip which invites road rage between the sunny beautiful valley drive.
Film four. “Bombita” with : Ricardo Darin (Simón) and Nancy Dupláa (Victoria).
This one is back to the city and everyone, well practically everyone is involved. It has a communal feel to it it and it has family life and contemporary problems to deal with. The director and writer has caught the device of a road clamping municipal scam and turned it on its head.
Car parking was never meant to require a clamping compound in a city suburb, handy for visiting and chock a block with the comings and going of a park and ride scheme. Engineer of the municipality. Wise and rule obedient has his limit stepped on so what do he do, well he gets out of his zone and off the clock facecloth his thinking and cleverness. Not before many family anxious moments which make it even more convincing as calamity.
##### 5. Impressive sets, acting, believable, Clarksonesque is a new derivation. I wish uplifting and politically astute as well as a tale for our times. This one was a cut above, there is satisfaction overkill of broken glass and not too much civil harm done and violence. Well listen to a legal Sheila who is apt to hyperbole and you will see what a girl has to do to get a career going. On a personal level you understand, not helpful legal ethics intertwined.

Film five. “The Deal” with : Oscar Martínez (Mauricio) and María Onetto (Helena).
In this one there is the sleaze of ‘business’ politician with the box fresh cashmere cardigan. His son messes up up and being apparently an only child his protection is amplified as there is a strong likelihood his misdemeanor could see him in prison which is not liable to have any sense of right or wrong and seen as a fate which the father will do anything to keep his son away from. The tale involves the family lawyer. He is a piece of corrupt work. There is the prosecutor, immediately on the tail of the young boy or the family at least and he is likely to and willing to cut The Deal. There they are in the picture above. They find a stool pigeon who himself wants in on the deal making franchise once he gains some bargaining balls. It all cuts up a bit decidedly inwardly compromising and it shows up the vagaries and short lived value sets adopted.
Where will it all end.
These actors Argentinas finest give it al and are very good for their fees. The middleman especially has to be sharp and the facial expressions and posturing alone make this little short film great value alone.
It’s portal is different and it too has wild aspect but this time as a family tale is dealt with in a very loving, convincing challenge set before us. The poor man rich man is driven not so much selfishly but has his wider reasons.

Film six. “Til Death Do Us Part” WITH: Érica Rivas (Romina) and Diego Gentile (Ariel).
Into the huge ballroom with six shiny disco balls spin two large families intertwined in a wedding of a couple of thirty year olds whose blend is one of union of love as well as their own past histories.
They are on top of their day enjoying it and a bit of a problem arises when a suspicion of unfaithfulness appears.
Then a spiral up down left right, roof to basement, sends both families into the cruel face off of a certain reality none expected. The colour candour, sex, violencee, recall, recoil is fast and every little twist is full of tension as we watch not believing what we are seeing.
This is a couple who act as though they will not have a future unless they can work out the bit in the middle that set off the mad wedding function.
Lots of flying glass and broken dreams. Beyond repair?

All to be seen from next week at QFT Belfast.
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John Graham

26 March 2015


Solar Eclipse 2015 March 20

The Deadly Sun
For us to have sight of the sun we are first told the light from it will destroy our vision. We are in the light everyday without fear we are accustomed to protecting our eyes by using an aid such as the Ultra violet ray’s filter incorporated in glasses.

Straight away the strength of the sun and it’s association to us is present.

Sunlight emitted from the Sun takes Eight and a third minutes to reach us. The light from other planets is traveling from billions of light years before though we can look through the night sky at this ancient light.
The distance between the earth and sun is around 93 Million Miles.
In kilometers is 150,000 million kilometers which divided by the speed of light, 300,000 kilometers per second then the eight seconds shows the proximity of this major planet in our solar system.
Celestial once uniform
Our solar year comprises the 365 revolutions which brings around each season of our calendar.

Into this derived calendar over millennia these behaviours of the sun have been become patterns which our presence on earth has consumed and adapted to then recorded.
Only since the discovery of notation have we discovered how far back the recognition of the solar effect had celestial realisation, entering into how we explain to ourselves the continuation of our planets as a system both fluid and static.

The static meaning is used to highlight the times preheating us, in which the sun will have crossed the moon and the earth comes between the sun and the moon.

Numerically the latter is highly frequent whereas what we witnessed on 20 March 2015 is not only very infrequent it has a set of appearances which the Jewish faith have taken to signify the timely extrapolation of their Biblical history. The patterns are so pronounced they appear as visionary.

The occurrences of Jewish upheavals are seen in Biblical texts with Israel affected by the events known and actual have almost formed, co-inciding as a will or expectation that at times The Jewish faith believe they will be challenged and confronted with fundamental elements and outcomes as is present at the point of the celestial indicators of the eight moons.
Eight Blood Moons
This year contains eight blood moons in sequence of which the eighth is after our common week of seven duration predicates the new day of learning or reckoning.

So Exodus and various religious tracts are unfolded to bear witness on us.

But how this is known is the greatest question of all. God only knows.
It is not known but merely the very creation by giants of imagination, the authors of our historical revelation, recording for themselves the events of Christian thinking, told with the narrator not Jesus but Moses.
The Israelites being so outside of The Lord God, could not themselves listen directly to God but were totally reliant on the words given to Moses.
Jesus was on the side of God and Gods word was the word Jesus taught us.

The words of Moses deserve and are worthy of faith but are not the entirety of faith nor is the word of The Lord set to divide or set apart some from others. Jesus told us to be aware of the simple truth and reject all other things.


The Easter Time
We are coming towards a time, Easter, when we again realise the world is of our habitation not our making and until we return to God forsaking all sin of war, hurt and harm, from ignoring our love for our neighbour as given us then we are on the path away from God and the pain of the crucifixion is our eclipse.

We are not in the sight of God when we ignore the wisdom given. We are in anticipation of of the words of the Lords Prayer.

We are in the hearing of the sound of the world washing us in the water here since the world became.


Within air, the air, nitrogen, oxygen carbon monoxide and other spoiling polluting gases in which we reside silently breathing until God takes us away from this life and returns us to his.

Other Occula

We see as we have seen on the Sun the formation of Crescents. Some called Occula.

This a protrusion on the occipital bone of the skull that forms a joint with the first cervical vertebra, enabling the head to move relative to the neck.
On our nails are a crescent shape. The fingernail from under our skin revealing an inner fixed point.

The edge extends the crescent stays within us at the finger and between the head and body there is this Occula bone being a sign of the two elements most evident and whole being joined.

Across the world we explore connections with even wider universal discovery exciting and forever making us totally in search of inexplicable and forever creating insights to sit around and explain the order our planet may find itself in at this moment and the next.

John Graham

22 March 2015