Mary : The Biblical Context

imageMary Mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene

The Gnostic Gospels contain The Gospel of Mary Magdalene; some have called her the thirteenth disciple, a scripture not part of the recognised Christian bible but a biblical text which has to be used by us to inform our views and to reinforce faith. It is regarded by many, in common with the Gnostic Gospels as a text which enters into the spiritualism and is as such in people’s minds untrustworthy.
That is something each individual must make their own mind up on and diverse as we are there are assuredly vast differences and interpretations on the written word. Where we see conflict though we should strive to understand more deeply and that is the challenging thing most would find hardest when they have a preformed set of beliefs and do not trust anything which questions part of that belief. I believe in the contrary, that it will reinforce your beliefs and faith by reasoning and placing these conjectures in the open an engaging in meaningful discussion as a way of expressing the one word. The word of God. Spoken through Jesus in act, deed and

I have recently read on the concepts, for that is all they possibly can be, of the question whether Jesus, through not being a sinner, how could he imagine the human sinfulness he saw all around him ? The interrelation of the supposed paradox fascinated different writers while at the same time they appeared to miss the logic that this exceptional person being in the form of a human was sent to us by the creator to establish the word on earth and in our lives forevermore. They gave no evaluated meaning to the exceptional, to the supreme uniqueness of the story of Jesus setting it apart from all others. It is possible these considerations have of themselves some value, I understood with more clarity the exceptional Christ by contrasting this with the apparent diversity of views on sinfulness.
So The Gospel of Mary Magdalene also enters and remains with us.

In the case of the second Mary I undertake to look at in this opinion piece, I have read the excellent book The Testament of Mary.
It’s is a fully acknowledged work of fiction, an axiomatic form which is written by Colm Toibin a writer of considerable skill and himself; he has made the point in the past people of other nations are embedded in religions of one kind or another, with deep effect of them in later life when they shape themselves and look back on all heritage, not just religious, he himself had a seriously affecting Catholic upbringing which obviously informs this work and is another document of scholarly value to which we can vex and challenge our perceptions of the life of the mother of Jesus.
Muslims believe Jesus is the son of Mary. So do countless others, Christians and many if not, importantly, all faiths have this as a core belief.
The significance therefore is for us to look further into this life and make a place bigger and larger for Mary whose womanhood is also of significance and irrefutable importance both as Herself alone and as the Mother of Jesus. The place for these thoughts is within us.

I produced two poems of sorts in order to distill my thoughts.
They will not win a Pulitzer Prize but all I am after is a greater understanding and extending to others the question of their own related beliefs and dis beliefs as a means of fulfilling God’s will as brought through Jesus

The Gospel of Mary Magdalene was written for us to share.

Mary Magdelane
Of the one beyond all beings.
A divinity profound of Mother – Father.
Seven flaws In our sphere.
Mary knowing oneself the prequel?
Seek, search look for the hidden.
Disciples testify of Gods laws.
Among us created heaven our habitation.
Not seen nor heard, no heart recalls.
It is prepared Our Kingdom come.
Trample like children the old rags.
Be rid of shame and guilt.
Offer certainty of Good.
Then it will be.

On whose words Mary gave were given These


What is returns
No sin is outside you
Inside God replaces sin
Look within for that being
There you will find peace
Tell then God’s laws

Let all religions be one
Underneath all known
Is the unseen vision
Uncover it through your mind
Not soul nor spirit
The answer lies between
See the unseen cover (I protect you with)
The soul Protects, conquers ignorance
Will be no more when it is done
The soul said “I am imprisoned” And
“I show you the destruction”
So other forces exist

First there is darkness, desire second,
Then, ignorance, wary of death,
flesh has power, little reason, loathing
self intoxicating pedantry
My words spoken
Turning, stillness fills me
The truth Jesus revealed
I have given to his disciples
Testifying his words
Be one with it and us
No other law exists ‘cept
The Lords
They began to teach

John Graham

May 2014

and on The Testament of Mary

The Testament of Mary A fiction without malice or hubric thought.

A critique in Poetry. A dialogue by Mary Mother of Jesus.

To know is to understand.

I know the past
want others to confirm my truth
foolish desires set aside
but others suffer just the same (Farna)
the Godess breaks my loneliness (Solitude)
Before, my time, tomorrow never comes
I alight, now the future speaks (all around me)
The Temple summons us from nothingness
Prayer replenishes, the day and night (ahead)
By the pool of water and miracles
Beyond lamentation, Lazarus
Stills time, is renewed
Born Again into an empty life

A gathering, a wedding, (and a feast)
The risen, from his cell ( beneath the ground)
The unscrupulous, the arranger
among them came her son

Where water now is wine
Purple robes, confronting
Then home, without my son
The crowd await another fate

What is forgotten? What can be foreseen?
What time was the feast of Cana in?
It was a time after
a terrible truth arrived, new (Jesus is to be crucified)

On time a cross appointed
pointing to a sky full of stars
A multitude, a paradox
We see only some shine brightly

Why so, is this not the universe?
Are these days, our last days also?
I am in this house, this refuge
To see, to be prepared for dark then light (Witness)

Pilates speaks “Behold this man”
to a vast square filled with deceit
The palm, the power, the hand
“Behold the King” Pilate then delivered

From my core tears swelled
Fixed determination took
Bones and tendrils torn (upon the cross)
No turning, crying opened out

How long must this agony prevail?
When it comes to telling of this
words will have endless powers
Once written to bear witness

My son, My Lord
Plain spoken words remain (will be written)
The mortal words when written
speak of your immortality

A thousand things can and do distract
but being born and dying, young (thus)
The last hour powerless, I fled
Mary first, leaving others tending

Hearing his last words (for then)
the sweetness of tending, holding
May last for evermore (but as a dream)
With stealth we made our way (our own survival)

In strangeness, in dream,
I become fastened to strangeness
Statues, carvings mean nothing (the real the one thing)
They betoken death (life has been)

Until He returns, Lazarus walks the world (empty)
I smell the wood off the paper (my reading)
The book I read new like God
as God is here, is always new

Is it despair or grief or confusion?
I, Mary, saw he had many followers
Even after this, I Mary was in two places
As a Mother and with the Son of God

John Graham
May 2014.

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